Sunday, June 19, 2016


We have been well served by Asange and Snowdon, and now we wait for the other shoe to drop.

Watch the video first.

Someone inside the FBI will be so enraged that they will leak the facts. They will be risking a long prison sentence, but they may slip away like Asange and Snowdon. 

Once the leak spurts out the top floor window, the whole monster will come roaring out. The media will stonewall until the Internet blows it open, and then the media will not be able to stand down any longer. It will be like Monica all over, but in this case, felony actions by the top.

Thus, now only will Hillary be seen as a criminal, President Obama will be seen as an accomplice.

We have some interesting times coming folks.

Also, the most powerful motivation for Obama to do a false flag event..... THAT is what we must expect to try to distract us from the real story.