Monday, June 13, 2016


I will explain based on my knowledge of the Middle East, Islam, and the teachings of Mohammed, the prophet who kissed baby boys' penises. (Check that out with your Mullah and the Hadith.)

Mohammed taught that a woman is only half a person. Muslim men then are having sex with half a person when they have sex with their wife. This causes them to get an inferior feeling, and they soon look on their wife as a sexual exercise machine. They are so indoctrinated by Islam about women as inferior that they become half fulfilled.

This then causes them to become bi-sexual and have sexual encounters with other men. In Afghanistan they also have sex with goats and sheep. I am not making this up.

So, Omar was a classic schizophrenic Muslim man, and he finally attacked the people he was drawn to because he hated himself.

THAT is what Islam is all about-- hate of oneself, and hate for other people.

THAT is why any Muslim in Omar's situation needs to consider the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Christ will save him from the horrors of Islamic lies, and Jesus Christ will give him the other half of his wife.

Do you now see why 667 Muslims an hour are leaving Islam, and why most of them become Christians?