Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Before every recent horrible alleged "terrorist" event, back history tells us that the exact False Flag was being discussed, and Military exercises practiced for, just before the False Flag went down.

9/11 saw the US Air Force in practice drills for an airplane attack on a large US building, and the practice was in progress as 9/11 happened.

The Boston bombing happened literally at the same time as terrorist bomb SWAT teams were having a practice drill in Boston.

The shooting in San Bernadino happened as police teams were three blocks away practicing for a ditto of that alleged terrorist attack. (This from my source with friends familiar with the event.)

Thus, I believe the following story may well be the introduction of this scenario to the American people. 

A large sports event will be attacked, and President Obama will make speeches at once using the word, "ISIS" or "North Korea" 40 times, the same way GW Bush used the unknown word, "Al Qaeda" 40 times in his speeches right after 9/11.

So, stay away from sporting events, both Americans and Europeans, and buy you own nation's flag so you can attach it to your automobile and rage about the city looking grim.


Here is a list of coming world sports events as possible targets.

Also, I would not rule out the possibility that some powers in the shadows in the USA may do a False Flag attack on one of the political parties National Conventions. This would electrify Americans, and they would be ready for WW III.