Friday, February 19, 2016


This pleases me greatly. Planning a crime, and stalking the victim, are just as culpable as doing the killing, or whatever is done to the victim.


This is a great precedent because it puts the brakes on reckless use of the Internet to do evil.

Now, let's see a law to hold politicians and big corporations guilty of breaking and entering for harvesting our private information for commercial uses. If a few CEOs were locked in the slammer for this, it would stop.

Frankly, I consider you people who steal my private data on my computer worthy of hanging. In Texas, if you climb my fence in the night and steal my rake, I can shoot you. Why not give prison time to anyone breaking and entering on the Internet?

What is needed here is software that will identify the cyber-burgle and send them a cyber-bomb. Like a killer virus that blows up their computer. 

And, this applies to the Feds. The App could have a control which protects the Feds if they enter behind a court ordered cyber-warrant in order for law enforcement to enter and search. AND, the warrant must be sent to the victim by the court, not the Feds. Secret entry by the Feds needs to be stopped without a warrant and notification.

Anything is possible. All that is needed is for decent elected officials to take action and force the issue.

If a reader knows a legal way to fire back at the intruder online, SEND MAIL please. I will research it, and if it is legal, I will post it later on this blog. This MUST be lawful and produced by a reputable software developer. This is not about evasion. It is about shooting back at the wicked.