Sunday, February 21, 2016


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Dear Steve

I just saw the Diamond and Silk video where they call pope Franky out on the carpet for bashing Trump for proposing a wall while he is surrounded by one at the Vatican.

This pope is a flaming hypocrite. Franky says anyone who wants to build a wall isn't a Christian. Well, Franky just tried to throw Nehemiah out of heaven. And since God ordained that wall, Franky is at odds with God himself. New Jerusalem will have a wall with 12 foundations, so Jesus is now lost according to Franky. His popishness needs to read the Bible, even his Catholic version has these walls in there. 

Franky says Donald Trump isn't a Christian, and I say Franky isn't a Christian. 

 Anyone who opposes a wall to protect innocent people, especially children, from terrorists, drug dealers, murderers, rapists, and diseases is not a Christian, is a murderer of the innocent and complicit with the guilty. Especially while this person enjoys the security of the Vatican wall. 

Anyone who does nothing to root out and prosecute satanic pedophile priests is definitely not a Christian. 

Anyone who is not opposed to sodomy is not a Christian. 

Anyone who claims the title holy father, his holiness, or the vicar of Christ, or any other title reserved only for Christ Himself is a blasphemer and not a Christian. 

 Anyone who is opposed to law and order is in rebellion against God and is not a Christian. 

Anyone who is a leader in this modern day Nimrodian movement toward a one world order in opposition to God, as Franky is, is not a Christian. Pope Franky needs to get delivered from his demons, read the Bible and repent. 

Franky, don't throw rocks when you live in a glass house. 

Last fall I was in Philadelphia (or better referred to as Filthadelphia) just a week before Franky was scheduled to visit. The city was cooing and gushing over his upcoming visit. The media fawned over him (so much for unbiased reporting). It was nauseating. I cant stand it when someone is crammed down my throat, whether its the pope, obama, or the media darling du jour. 

The hotel I was at had souvenirs in the gift shop commemorating the event. I thought about buying a T-shirt and placing it in the yard where my dogs do their business, but I didn't want to waste the money. Pope sounds like poop anyway.


Sometimes I just cannot get the thoughts in order like some of you readers. The above reader just about covers it all, and so well.

Thanks Brother