Wednesday, February 3, 2016


It is all over for Cruz. Thousands of pastors around America will speak softly but directly to their church members about the lapse of honor and Christian charity in Ted Cruz.

This will kill Cruz' chances for the White House.

I predict that Dr. Ben Carson will BENEFIT from this fiasco. Bible believers will see Carson as the underdog, the man betrayed by another professing fake Christian, Cruz.
Evangelicals will swallow hard at Carson's Seventh Day Adventist heritage and start voting for him.

Mark it down.....
Trump and/or Carson at the Republican National Convention.


If Carson is the choice to run against the Democrat mob, I will probably vote after all, for Carson.

This trick by Ted Cruz should cause all of us Bible believers to sit up and take notice. When we do dirty tricks to get what we want, our testimony is trashed, and it can totally destroy our future.

Also, if Ted Cruz will tie his kite to the string of political thugs to help him get elected, he will turn on Americans and do wicked things to our rights and liberty. You history buffs-- I call you to witness. Some of the worst tyrants in history have been religious conservatives. Like, Adolph Hitler.

At least Trump is what he has always been..... a potty mouthed fornicating rowdy brat with cash bags. We may know better what he would be like in the Oval Office than what Cruz would be like. Some of us remember Richard Nixon. He reminds me of Ted Cruz when he was campaigning. Then, in office, Nixon became a beast and master liar.

I would like the neuro-brain surgeon, Carson, to do an operation into the brain of Ted Cruz. He might find a load of arsenic and old lace.

UPDATE: Feb 4, 2016

Rush Limbaugh has defended Cruz, claiming that his staff read a CNN Tweet saying Ben Carson was dropping out of the race and asking Carson's supporters to vote for Cruz.

So, since when does anyone believe a CNN Tweet is the Gospel Truth? Such a thing HAS TO BE VETTED. Cruz' people grabbed it, and they saw an excuse to cut Carson off at the pass.

Also, could the creeps have the courtesy to give Carson a phone call and ask HIM if it was true? Could they have the courtesy to ask Carson if they could invite his followers to vote for Cruz? The classic form, among political gentlemen, is for the one dropping out of a race to redirect his followers to the man of his choice. Cruz believes he is destined to win by a sovereign act of God, and in good Calvinist form, he is making sure God gets all the help he needs from crooks working for Cruz.

So, Limbaugh shows his hate for Christian values and common decency. Limbaugh lives for one thing-- rule the world. So, he will defend anyone shooting the same direction he is, even if that fellow is shooting down a friend and committing acts of political crime.

This is America 2016, and God has every reason to trash the USA and reduce it to rubble. The fact that he has not should cause us to praise his name for his mercy. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz remains a creep and should be avoided at all costs.