Wednesday, February 24, 2016


So, the landing on Mars has found plastic all over the place.

That is, Mars bars made in The Netherlands.


I am of Dutch ancestry, and I can say with some certainty that the Dutch people do not usually eat plastic, not even for their junk food cravings. 

But, the Mars candy bar people in Holland are pulling their products from 55 nations because red plastic got into a bar.

Eline Bijveld, Mars’ corporate affairs coordinator for the Netherlands branch, added: “As far as we know there are 55 countries involved. We are investigating exactly what’s happened, but we cannot be sure that this red piece of plastic isn’t in any other of our products from the same production line,” said Eline Snickeringly. You see, it was a Snickers bar that was found with the red plastic additive.

As a result, the food multinational has decided in a “voluntary” fashion and “out of precaution” to issue the recall, which covers mostly European countries, but also Sri Lanka and Vietnam. The recall did not extend to the US, Bijveld added.

So, there you are. We finally have a candy bar with real junk in it, just the sort of junk we all have in our trash bin, and what do they do? Recall it.

It is sad indeed.

When will the corporate world give us real junk to eat? We have industrial waste from Alcoa in our drinking water (fluoride), but we have no red plastic to eat.

I guess all we can do it grab a handful of trash from the waste basket, pour salad dressing over it (the kind with 57 softeners, emollients, suspensioners, mixers, and yellow no. 13), and chow down.