Wednesday, February 24, 2016


This is very troubling. China is clearly threatening the US if they elect Trump. The Chinese President claimed not to want to comment on US elections, and then he dropped a blatant, and only thinly vailed, threat if Trump is elected.

Frankly, I tend to feel that anyone who stands up to China in trade issues is worthy of consideration, and a business man is usually the best sort to send on an errand like that. The Chinese must be peeing their pants over Trump. Send them some Depends, sir.

This Chinese threat will cause weak kneed Congressmen, and big corporate CEOs, to seek ways to neutralize Trump. I smell violence coming, and one of the Democratic candidates has a long history of leaving dead bodies back along her path.

A very sick club could form soon, made up of the most wicked people on both sides of the world-- a sort of Mafia of New World Order survival. 

Trump is not my idea of magic man, but I can recall the exact spot I was standing on, back in my college days, when another student ran up to me and said, "Kennedy has been shot, and he is dead."

I am not sure I would ask you to pray for Donald Trump for any political reason. Who wins is not nearly as important as who lives to win or lose. The Bush family in particular are willing to kill for gain. Witness 9/11, the demolition of the towers, and murder of 3000 Americans. Many other names come to mind if we recall all the calls for depopulation of Africa, "by any means possible."

There is a murder culture in the USA, and we need to pray these thugs do not unite.

Pray for the peace of America. Perhaps God will have mercy on us.