Friday, February 26, 2016


We now have two possible power candidates for VP to run with The Donald.

Sarah Palin, and

Chris Christie

Both of them have endorsed him, and both are, or have been, governors. This us high octane stuff. Trump said long ago that he will choose a political person for VP. 

Both of the above qualify.

But, Christie could possibly help build bridges between the establishment which Trump needs to get the compromises with Congress and grab the big end of the stick. 

Palin could not do that, though she would be loyal and useful. She would, of course, appeal to women voters, and she is a real Evangelical with a record of actually going to church regularly. That would send a lot more Evangelicals Trump's way.

But, I think Christie is the heavy weight (no pun intended). So, I figure he will be the VP, at least for now. 

Now, what if Greg Abbot were to endorse Trump? Hmmm

Also, I shall go out on a limb, which you regular readers know is rare for me (cough, cough). I believe that Christie is actually announcing his 2024 Presidential campaign. His headliner entry before any other big name boys tells me this.

Ain't it fun folks?