Monday, February 29, 2016


Pardon me for the rather extreme hyperbole. I love to mess with you people's minds, and you keep coming back for it, right?

BUT, there is truth in my headline.

Fully $1.2 trillion of the hot-off-the-press revenue report of the US Government is students loans due to be paid to the Government.

The whole total of US Government revenue is $3.2 trillion.

That means nearly one third of the revenue to run America is hanging on the whim and fancy of college students. And, the fact is, many of them could not pay it if they had to. 

Nor will they dig around and borrow from Daddy to pay it out of patriotism. The colleges and universities have taught them that America is a trash nation, so they could care less if the nation crashes.

So, Bernie Sanders has a point, right? And, The Donald will not talk about college loans, nor will Hillary.


We really are close to a melt down folks. The Fed will give the green light to the Treasury, and they will print a new load of Quantitative Easing crack to shoot up the economy. Only this time, the world may decide we are over the edge and cash in all their paper. 

Viola, with $1.2 trillion missing from the cash box, we will not be able to pay off the world's paper when they come asking for it.

This means it is all over.

It is only a matter of weeks, not months.

But, in the mean time, let's make more bombs, invade another nation in the Middle East, and send a space probe to Betelgeuse.