Monday, February 8, 2016


It has just gotten a lot worse. As if methane, radon (radiation), and sulfur hydroxide are not serious enough, it is now reported by scientists and medical experts that methane, when it is exposed to sunlight, it produces formaldehyde. The medical health symptoms reported in the residents of San Fernando Valley, California are not related to methane inhalation. Rather, they are related to the formaldehyde.

Here is the report from BPEarthWatch.

Hope is NOT the key word.

The key word is Keystone Cops. 

The oil company people are playing games with the people of California. This process, if you watched the video, looks to me like doing heart surgery through the patient's ear. And then, the doctor has the horror of finding that the patient's heart starts pumping blood out of the guy's ear as he is working.

What happens if the repair well blows out also? 

Double portions anyone?

So, I realize that you folks in San Fernando, and the nearby areas, have no reason to believe me. I am an investigative person trying to be useful. I get nothing out of this.

Fine, do your own research. You are looking here at a slow Tsunami, a slow house fire, a slow gas heater blowing up. The crisis is creeping along so slowly that you think you are not in that much danger. So, will you wait to leave the area until they learn some other deadly killer compound is in that cloud?

Other elements found in oil and gas being pumped up from the earth include, strontium, lead, barium, bismuth, polonium, and radioactive uranium, thorium, and potassium. The radioactive elements reported earlier are radium radionuclides which emit alpha and beta particles as well as gamma rays. Radium alpha particle emitters are "bone seekers" due to radium possessing a high affinity for chloride ions. The half-life for radium 226 is approximately 1,620 years, and will remain in the body for the lifetime of the human. 

The radium gamma rays emitted from radium 226, accounting for 4% of the radiation, are harmful to humans with sufficient exposure. Gamma rays are highly penetrating and some can pass through metals, The Porter Ranch leak may well be a high concentration enough to be concerned with the gamma rays. SOURCE

So, this is probably not the end of the story. I have a strong suspicion that the oil company's efforts to plug the well are just busy work to make you think they are clever and taking good care of you.

If this is your first read from my blog on the Porter Ranch gas blow off, here is the back story where you can go even further back. I have several posts on this going back about 50 days.