Sunday, July 24, 2016


Debbie the Wassername is trying to linger into the Convention, but Hillary's thugs demand she disappear ASAP.
Watch the videos at the site..... What a hoot.

Hillary makes Wasserbum her top campaign official.
Is it possible that Hillary is this stupid? This will make sure that Bernie's groupies declare war on Hillary. This could result in a national call by the Bernie people to destroy Hillary by voting for Trump. And, you may be sure, this just breaks my heart, YORK, YORK, YORK.

This decision by Hillary reminds me of Nixon defending Colson, Haldeman, and Liddy long ago in the Watergate break in and cover up cum lies etc.

And...... I am told that Hillary invited victims of police to speak at the Dem. Convention. This woman is amazing. She seems to have no sense of how that will hit thousands of Democrats.

We need an email dump on Hillary please.

I can see a rebellion at the Dem. Convention. I would be lovely to see Hillary and Sanders come out swinging and self-destruct.

My history major friend prophesied that Uncle Joe Biden would end up running against Trump in the end. This chaos at the DNC could bring that to pass. 

Joe could cut a deal to make Sanders VP, and Hillary could be thrown under the bus, and comes up with "her one eye on the pot, and the other up the chimney."