Tuesday, July 5, 2016


I will not waste your time asking you to go read James Comey's speech. The following possibilities present themselves.

1. James Comey now has a bank account at the Vatican Bank worth $500,000,000.

2. James Comey sees that the whole elite power structure is going to plow him under, and he will be "allowed to retire early." His kids' college bills are still not paid, and he still has a mortgage.

3. James Comey really does not believe "any prosecutor" (read that, Loretta Lynch) will prosecute Hillary, and he does not want to be slapped publicly going against the current.

4. James Comey was visited by one of Hillary's thugs and told his wife or daughter would receive a Medijin necklace if he went for prosecution.

5. James Comey wants better evidence, and the best source of that evidence is with Mr. Asange and Vladimir Putin. This speech this morning was his way of telling those two men, "If you really do not want to see Hillary start World War III, DUMP WHAT YOU HAVE NOW."

At that point, James Comey could reopen the case, and Hillary would be toast. The whole world would be the jury.

This speech today also sends a message to the media that if they do not want to live under the rule of a murderous Athaliah, they need to come on board in the game.

So, what we really have before us is this. If you do not want Hillary for President, only God can remove her from the picture. Have you prayed about this, or do you spend all your time chattering about how wicked the witch is?