Thursday, July 7, 2016


Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has been on a visit to Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. He made it very clear that Israel now wants to be part of Sub-Saharan Africa's development. What will this mean to Israel? I suspect Netanyahu has figured out that Africa is set to boom soon.

His first stop was Uganda where the Israelis rescued hostages from Israel in 1976 at the airport in Entebe. Their Air Fance flight had been hijacked in Greece and taken to Uganda. The Israeli rescue event was so swift and clandestine, and successful, that the world scarcely understood the thing. Many European nations, and many Americans, had turned against Israel, so the bravery involved in the rescue was sublimated in racism.

Four large C-130 airplanes flew into Entebbe Airport in Uganda in the night. They had flown in over Kenya with the permission of then President Jomo Kenyatta. Inside one plane was a Mercedes limo of the same kind used by then dictator, Idid Amin, and inside was a large African man who looked like Idi Amin.

The airport guards were not sure of the plane landing because it was unannounced. Inside the airport were the Israeli hostages. After the plane landed, several British military Land Rovers with machine guns mounted rolled out of the plane, and directly in front of them the limo with the fake Amin in it. The guards held their fire thinking it was Amin.

The Land Rovers off loaded Israeli troops who at once killed the guards and roared into the airport. Ugandan guards or hijackers inside the airport at once killed several hostages and one Israeli soldier, Johathan "Yoni" Natanyahu. So, you can see why this visit had to be a deeply moving occasion just days ago.

Once the Israelis were rescued, and the wounded and the dead cared for, they were all loaded into the plane, and they flew off over Kenya.

Now, the part you cannot learn from anyone but me. A Kenya Air force Captain told us missionaries privately that Jomo Kenyatta made a deal with the Israelis. They could fly over Kenya to access Uganda if they promised to disable all of Idi Amin's fighter jets. The Israelis, in their official accounts, claim they did no unnecessary harm other than to rescue their people. Wrong. One of the Land Rovers with a machine gun drove slowly past all of Idi Amin's fighter jets, probably Migs from the Russia, and they machine gunned the nose wheels and the nose where navigational instruments were.

The other untold part of the story is that Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya gave the Israelis permission to land in Nairobi, refuel, and leave critical cases for immediate care in Nairobi hospitals, which they did, and the Israelis never told the world about that until very recently. This way, Kenyatta would not be faulted by anti-Israeli nations for helping Israel.

So, when Netanyahu visited Kenya on July 4, there was a lot more in the air than meets the eye as he visited the son of Jomo Kenyatta, Uhuru Kenyatta.

And, if it rocks you cradle, the Israeli C-130 planes flew directly over our home in Eldoret, Kenya where we were serving with the Gospel Furthering Fellowship. Sadly they failed to wave as they passed overhead.

Idi Amin had declared that part of Kenya originally belonged to Uganda, and he said that one day he would come and take it. We lived on the main road dead center in that area. We had to keep four jerry cans of gasoline on hand all the time so we could flee to the northern desert of Kenya if Amin's tanks came down the road.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu gets the full treatment in Kenya:

Prime Minister Netanyahu attends Regional Summit on Counter Terrorism | Kampala, 4 July 2016

Why Africa, and why now? 

The answer will startle you. This answer is absolutely covered up by the US mainline media, and the alternate media is so disinterested in Israel that they missed it also. Listen up, and you will be able to figure out why President Obama hates Israel, and Netanyahu in particular. Israel is taking over the unspoken and emotional friendship with the Arab nations, a friendship which Obama has totally trashed by inventing ISIS. Put two and two and two together in this discussion, and you will understand the Middle East and Israel better than NBC, CBS, CNN, and ABC.

There is something here in this interview which is amazing. I grew up in Africa, and I know how to speak in English so that I am better understood there. Africans have their own brand of English. Netanyahu caught this, and his English is a bit clipped, and he is using vocabulary void of slang and subtitles, like we Americans do every day. Netanyahu is, of course, an American who immigrated to Israel. This man is extremely shrewd and eager to accommodate. This contrasts intensely with the schlock from Chicago who makes no effort to accommodate anyone in his speeches.

I want you to compare this next story by Netanyahu to the story of another President who claims Africa as home, but who has done NOTHING to help his family in Kenya..... Barak Obama. When Obama's brother Malik comes to the US to visit Obama, our President makes his own brother visit at night and enter via the back entrance of the White House. Malik tells that story himself. Obama is not an African. He hates his own family.

Benjamin Netanyahu's brother, who was killed rescuing the hostages in Uganda in 1976, was named after a world famous lion hunter who killed the man eating Lions of Tsavo during the building of the railway through Kenya to Uganda circa 1895. That was Lt. Col. J.H. Patterson.


Whatever you may think politically, this blog post has some rare information in it on Africa. You may want to send you friends here. I hope I am not being vain when I say that this blog post is exceptional information for anyone who is not staring at an I-pod all day long.

Story of the Raid on Entebbe. Some historic discussion is biased and faulty, but the overall story is riveting and accurate. One thing is clear..... the rest of the Western world threw the hostages under the bus. This is now why Israel is looking for new friends in the Middle East and Africa. Now, even the USA, at the hand of its Muslim President, is doing great harm to Israel in the Golan Heights. No wonder Netanyahu has made four visits to Moscow this year. They need new friends. Some facts here may not exactly match mine. You can take your pick.



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