Saturday, July 23, 2016


This man has that added touch of class that makes people like him. He does not strut around like a Mack Daddy from Chicago.

Whatever Donald Trump's faults, I like to think he will look a lot more comfortable with Putin than the foregoing Sophomore.

With world leaders, style counts, and Putin has mastered it.

Now, this will never happen with an American President. Our education system, and our arrogance, have deleted language skills from our leaders. Some of them cannot even speak English well.

Putin was assigned, as a KGB spy during the USSR days, to Germany. After the wall fell, and when Putin became Russia's President, his visits to Germany were a hoot. Herr Schroeder and his officials would virtually roar and howl with delight as Putin held court in fluent German. Those were the good old days.

Since then, the USA has decided the Cold War must return. Once God trashes the USA for its hate for Jesus Christ among our ruling class, you will see Putin back in Germany courting the Hun.

Thus..... Putin shows off his German by impromptu translating for a German official. Please watch the video to the end. You will learn from a German government official what the Germans think of America.

"The Americans are used to fight always wars. Next year they will fight a war against sunshine."


Has it ever occured to you that if Putin set off an EMP nuke over Nebraska, and shut the USA down for years, all over Europe are national leaders who would quietly say, under their breath, "Thank you, Vladimir."?

There is no way to underestimate the animosity and hate the world has for America. You may think that means nothing. We are the almighty bully, and we can bash them all down and keep jackbooting down the road to glory.

Right, that is what Caesar and Alexander the Great said. What happened to them?

And, we are about to choose our next President from between two of America's most arrogant bullies. 

Bad times are coming, me thinks.