Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Make no mistake about it, this action by Vladimir Putin was not just directed at his Naval Command, nor was it just a public announcement to the Russian people to assure them that he is Commander of the Russian Military.


This is a well known action, riviting the attention of USSR/Russia watchers, who know that when the Russian (or USSR long ago) leadership fire a long row of Military brass, something nasty will follow. That "nasty" will be something for the USA, and our Pentagon boys cannot have missed the point.

This means that the next time the US plays tricks in the Baltic, it will be rough. The new brass will very likely go the opposite direction from the former brass. Rather than caution, the new brass will be eager to prove they are worthy of keeping by Putin. This means many near misses, and possibly a US fighter jet shot down, even a minor ship sunk.

This action by Vladimir, to me anyway, looks like a formal announcement to the USA that Russia is coming after us. And, I mean WAY beyond the Cold War tension of the past with the USSR. 

If you have not learned about an EMP attack yet, and how to get ready for survival after the whole US electrical grid is destroyed, you need to READ HERE, and Google EMP online. If Vladimir Putin snuffs our whole nation's power grid, over 90% of all Americans will be dead in six months.

We really are on the edge of total disaster, and our Government is still writing reports and appointing commissions on the possibility of an EMP attack. Also, President Obama has very graciously retargeted our whole nuclear missile defense system so that the missiles are aimed at the open ocean. He claims he is worried about an accidental launch of a missile. It takes thirty minutes to send an EMP nuke over Nebraska from south of Cuba. It takes a minimum of 8 hours to target our nuclear missiles.

So, watch the Baltic for some very deadly action soon. If it gets crazy, you can count on it, Putin will NOT allow the USA to get off the first shot and take the high ground. Putin will send us back to horse and buggies in 30 minutes.

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