Friday, July 29, 2016


For a man who keeps his religion simple, "I am very religious," and settles for "the little wafer and sip of wine, they make me feel very good,"...... for this peasant in Trump Towers, it is a mighty fine moment when the spokesman for the Mormon Mafia blesses you.


The photo may not say much to you, but look again please. In fogged out letters, the venue is clear..... Hinkley Institute. Who is Hinkley?

Gordon B Hinkley served as 15th President of the Mormon Church. He is the one who got the revelation that Black Mormon men could serve on the council of Elders of the church. God told Hinkley that White Mormons were so far ahead of Black Mormons in heaven that there was no chance of Blacks taking over heaven.

So, the Romney message will not be missed by The Donald. Mitt Romney is telling The Donald that he is OK with the Mormon Mafia. Romney claims he will not vote for Trump or Hillary. But, Mitt has done his job as porch monkey for the High PooBah Tin Horned Elders of Zion.

Donald, my boy, you will win Utah for sure now.

Trump has to be the most ecumenical Presidential candidate in my lifetime. Church leaders and pastors seem to get in line to lay hands on him.