Wednesday, July 20, 2016


No, but Pokemon is showing us how the masses will crave the Mark of the Beast.

First, watch Bill Wittle and friends as they discuss Pokemon.

So, there is an up side to Pokemon. Anyone who can get the dead heads off of Facebook and Twitter, that is, relating to people they have made no personal investment in..... anyone who can get people out in the fresh air, talking to other rational (?) strangers in real life..... we should applaud.

The makers of Pokemon are actually getting the Vitamin D level up. 80% of all Americans are deficient in Vit. D.

Now, the issue of obsessed people, staring at their I-pad, and walking in front of a train..... that is serious, but I doubt if it will be common. But, what about playing Pokemon while driving? That pales the issue of texting while driving.

What is really deadly in this game is the way you "I Agree" yourself into being tracked and your personal life published, possibly even your personal conversation with strangers, being tracked all the time, at least all the time you have the game up.

Here is a scenario. 

You are walking along a sidewalk in some city chasing down the next beastie. You see a man coming along with his nose down and staring into his I-pad. You stop him, and sure enough, you are both members of the great world of beastie collecting. You chat for a while, and you walk on.

The next time you try to fly somewhere you find you are on the no-fly list. It turns out that the guy you stopped and talked with is a member of ISIS, and he was arrested only minutes after you were talking to him. Google made the connection between you and an ISIS member, fired it to NSA, and for the rest of your life you will be classified as a "Potential Terrorist." Do not try to tell me this could not happen. This is the way our Federal Government deals with their suspicions.

Furthermore, let us discuss the Mark of the Beast and this Pokemon game.

When you click "I Agree," you are handing your life to the system. Right now, it is all about corporations and their lust to mess with your mind and drive you to buy their products. I can easily see the day when Google cuts a deal, many deals, with corporations to lead you to beasties which are carefully located near things you like. If you like Krispy Kreme donuts, you might just find that a lot of the beasties you find turn up at Krispy Kreme. If you collect guns, you may find a lot of beasties hang out at Academy or Bass Pro Shop. Hmmmm

But, the point with the Mark of the Beast is this..... Pokemon is showing us how millions of people, of all ages, will give up their privacy for a kick and for pleasure. I have assumed for several years that the Mark of the Beast would be very attractive and solve many of life's problems, and that, the vast majority of the earth's population will virtually BEG FOR  the Mark of the Beast. It will solve so many problems for them.

Do you suppose the Mark of the Beast, which the Bible makes clear will be associated with something in the forehead of right hand, will come with a virtual reality kicker. What if the Mark of the Beast, while tracking your total financial life, will give you the ultimate reality rush. This may be sexual, commercial, and social. It may connect you with just the sort of people you love to be with.

If you are not a born again Christian and Bible believer, you would jump for the Mark at once for all the kicks you will get from it.

So, if you were suckered into Pokemon, that is, giving up loads of your privacy, even to the point of giving someone you do not know, and have no reason to trust, your location privacy all day long, you will one day take the Mark of the Beast and never know what hit you.

For you Pokemon game players, you who never gave one thought to your privacy lost, here is the world coveted Dead Skunk Award just for you. See if you can hit this beastie with your little ball.