Thursday, July 28, 2016


This video makes it very clear that Vladimir Putin feels cornered by the USA. He is calling our lies, and he is exposing the hypocrisy of the US Government.

China has recently admitted they have a low flying, dodge and weave, missle/glider which travels at either Mach 10 or Mach 12. When they first mentioned it, they said Mach 12, but lowered the speed later. It is impossible for our US detection systems to see this monster, and if they did, they could not catch up with it.

Putin, elsewhere, indicates the Russians are developing the same toy.

The US does not have anything like this. We waste our time making small arms by comparison. The US Military is getting ready to invade America, so they waste their revenue making mind controlling weapons to use on Americans.

So, once the US has Russia surrounded on all sides, what do  you suppose Putin will do?

He will strike first, and he will probably use a surrogate enemy of the US to launch an EMP nuke in the new missile from China or Russia. Our leaders will have no idea who to strike back against, and then, the retaliation will be one last shot as the nation dies. I mean DEAD as a world player.

You can count on it..... Putin will not allow the US Military to cross a certain line in his mind. He will not tell us where that line is. He will simply EMP the USA into oblivion.

This is why I keep telling you to prepare to live for at least three years without electricity and modern conveniences. I fully believe God will allow Putin to snuff out the USA.

I believe George W Bush understood this pretty well, and he courted Putin in a friendly way that Putin seemed to love.

Barak Obama has been slapping the Bear with impunity. It seems that Obama's heritage of recreational lying and Mack Daddy bully manners is pushing Putin to the snapping point.

We have to consider the possibility that Obama has a grand plan to see the USA destroyed by an EMP, and his tormenting of Putin is by design. Obama hates Jesus Christ, and Obama hates America. He loves Mecca, and he wants America to be ravaged by any enemy he can arrange. Putin is simply one possibility.

I have many frustrations with Donald Trump. He is NOT the Christian's hope for America. He is a raging bully and empire builder. But, he has talked about friendly relations with Russia, and he has said NATO needs to be revisited. There are signs that Putin would prefer Trump to deal with, rather than the bungling bag lady.

So, this might be one good reason to vote for Trump.