Monday, May 2, 2016


My Dad used to tell me to, "Think of all the starving children in India." I did think about them, and I concluded one day that (A) The children were not less hungry because I thought about them, and (B) Thinking about starving children 11,000 miles from the Mojave Desert where we lived did not make my turnips taste a bit better.

Things are changing. Children in India seldom starve now, and there IS a way to make the turnips taste better.


That was not a typo. It was a coherent factual sentence.

You must see this video about eating spoons in India:

Now, I have to admire Indians. With a cool billion people in India, it is extremely hard to come up with a new idea that no one else has tried before you. But, that is exactly what Narayana Peesapaty has done. He has reinvented the spoon.

Well now, I got to thinking about this. Why should we stop at spoons? Think of all the plastic serving products that go to the landfills of America. How about serving plates we can eat for dessert? They could be laminated so that they have a layer of chocolate syrup in the middle which gives a buzz to chocolataholics. 

Then we could go on from food service to clothing. How about shirts which can be cooked for dinner, that is, once the shirt is old and a bit tacky looking. Wash it well, and then cut it in pieces and stir fry it.

Finally, the pinnacle of conservation would be edible tires. Tires are terrible polluters. They are stacked by the millions in various places around the country because there is virtually no way to recycle them, and if you bury them in a landfill, they actually wiggle right up through the earth and come back to life. 

So, we need a bright inventive geek to go into the laboratory and come out with a tire that can be cut up into fillets and Bar B Qued,

Here are hyenas trying to eat a car and biting tires.

I believe we humans are missing out on some valuable nutrition by not finding a way to eat our trash.

Then again, maybe we are already eating rubbish.

So, next time you are visiting India, ask for the edible spoon to eat your curry.