Sunday, May 15, 2016


When someone on the Internet draws a cartoon, or does a video, making fun of Islam, all the Liberal Whites in Europe and America pee their pants in unison. The culprit is at least thrashed viciously by President Imam Obama and Queen Hillary. Merkel and Hollande wring their hands. In the end the culprit could end up in prison. 

So, when Iran has a contest asking Iranians to do art which mocks at the Holocaust of Jews in Germany long ago, mmmmmmmmmmm.....

..... the world is stone cold silent. 

The message is clear from the world elite. "Killing Jews is fun and we ill not speak against it." 

Or, "We hate Jesus, and Jesus loves the Jews, so we hate Jews too."

Do not tell me otherwise. Liberal Democrats, and European politicians, love the memory of the killing machine in Germany long ago. If they did care, they would scream out against Iran.

So, Israel needs all the nukes they can muster. They need to launch a total devastation on Iran soon in order to make sure Iran cannot beat them to it.

And, what is the supreme irony in all of this?

While President Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli bombers if they launched an attack on Iran, the Saudi Arabians, patrons of Mecca and all Islam, have told the Israelis to feel free to fly over Saudi Arabia so that the US will not shoot them down.

THAT is your America, Hillary. THAT is your America, all ye Liberal Democrats. You are Jew killers at heart, and no one in their right mind will believe anything else about you.

So, there is a need for Bible believing and Conservative Americans to do anything possible and legal to destroy the Democratic party, that is, if there is anything left of them after they get done killing each other off.



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Can you imaging what might be coming our way if Trump and Hillary are the main event? Rage and hate USA.