Saturday, May 21, 2016

NEWS FOR MAY 21, 2016

Oklahoma files impeachment papers on Barak Obama in regard to bathroom war.

France’s Le Pen says Clinton presidency ‘danger to world peace’

Le Pen is right, as in.....Hillary Clinton's lust for war is patently obvious

U.S. ready to rumble – experts warning of major earthquakes

Volcano ERUPTS Without Warning After "Experts" Assure that Earthquake "Swarms" Meant Nothing!

Ecuador hit again by powerful earthquake, people running in streets

U S General Warns of 'Hybrid Armies' and 'Little Green Men'

Maine’s governor stops transgender restroom rules

Israel Seeks New Relationships in Third Kremlin Visit
“Where else? Israel never ceases to forget that it is locked up in a hostile encirclement. It has workable relations with only two Arab nations, Egypt and Jordan. It doesn’t see it as opportune to talk to the United States. The Americans have even less authority to convince and persuade regional powers. This leaves Russia as a good bet.”

Obama baits race war with college speech“Be confident in your blackness,” Obama said, adding “there is no one way to be black … There’s no straightjacket, there’s no constraints, there’s no litmus test for authenticity.” The President needs a refresher in English syntax as well as good manners.

‘SHADOW’ GOVERNMENT: Secret Armies, Shadow Wars, Silent Unaccountability – By Gregory D. Foster

An earthquake of magnitude 5.0 happened in Taiwan
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May 22, 2016, 3:18
An earthquake measuring 5.0 occurred in the Chinese island of Taiwan. According to the US Geological Survey, the epicenter of the quake was located 21 kilometers northeast of the city of Pingtung. The earthquake lies at a depth of 10 km. Data about the devastation and casualties were reported, according to TASS.

Divers discover ancient Roman treasure trove in shipwreck- 1600 years old

NY teen kills five drag racing and only receives 6 months in jail

Hungary PM: Clinton is George Soros Puppet, Wants to Overrun EU With Millions of Muslims

Charlotte Observer: Girls must overcome ‘discomfort’ of seeing ‘male genitalia’ in locker room

The Oldest Man in the World 256 Years Breaks the Silence Before His Death and Reveals its Secrets to the World

If this is true, something is very wrong in high places:
Hanford, Not Fukushima, is the Big Radiological Threat to the West Coast

Now, here is something we can all agree on.....
Trump: Clinton shouldn’t have armed protection if she opposes guns

Well, there it is for May 21-22, 2016.

John 12:35 Then Jesus said unto them, Yet a little while is the light with you. Walk while ye have the light, lest darkness come upon you: for he that walketh in darkness knoweth not whither he goeth.