Saturday, May 7, 2016


Before the end of this age comes, all Bible believers will be taken up (sometimes called Raptured) to Heaven to be with the Head of the Church, Jesus Christ.

This story on Drudge from the Sunday Express shows how the ungodly media are cuddling up to prophecy gurus who play games with the stars and planets in order to terrify people with Bible prophecy.


So, you godless rebels who reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ can breath a bit easier. The scenario at The Prophetico is just a lot of astrology mixed with Bible prophecy.

Furthermore, there is the war that must happen in which Russia comes down against Israel and is defeated in Ezekiel 38.

And, Damascus is going to be totally destroyed one day according to Isaiah 17. 

Now, the Russian and Damascus prophecy could happen right after all of we Christians are taken out of here, so you rebels cannot count on that to happen before the stars and planets start acting up as Jesus prophesied in Matthew 24.

So, as long as my blog posts keep coming, the end is not yet. If my blog disappears, you better check to see of any of your Christian friends are also missing. At that point you will be sent "strong delusion" by God so that you believe whatever lies the media tell you about we Christians disappearing.

And then, it will be too late. You will have missed the escape, and you will have seven years of Hell on earth before you die and go to Hell.

You might just want to look into the Gospel of Jesus Christ before.............................