Thursday, May 12, 2016


The following article tells the stories of the many life-long rulers in Africa. I have lived in three of these African nations when growing up and later in Christian ministry. I have seen the works of various dictators. Some are mindlessly wicked, while others actually seem to be better than the results of Third World democracy with all of its corruption.


Now, we shall see if the rumors are true that Barak Obama craves the ways of his ancestors. He has a cousin in Kenya right now, Riala Odinga, who is stirring the pot to try to make himself the absolute ruler of Kenya. Obama told him to start the riots of 2008 in Kenya, which Odinga did, and thousands were killed.

You need to understand that Barak Obama hates the White Race, especially the British. Killing White people would give Obama great joy.

He would love to punish the White Race for persecuting his grandfather. His grandmother told him a Mother Goose tale of his grandfather being a freedom fighter in the 1950s as a Mau Mau rebel. The Mau Mau were 100% one tribe only- The Kikuyu. The Kikuyu hated the Luo tribe of Obama, and ONLY TWO Luos who worked in the British colonial government wanted to join the Mau Mau. The chiefs of the Luo threatened those two, and that was the end of that.

Obama's grandfather was NOT a freedom fighter for anything but his corn patch in Kavirando, Kenya. Obama's father died drunk and driving his car into a tree. 

Now, that was the official report, but it happened to so many of the enemies of Jomo Kenyatta that we must assume Obama's father may have been snuffed by the new African government in Kenya. Obama's father was demanding that the rich in Kenya be taxed 100%. I know, he was a nut case, but, "My Daddy was a hero in the new Kenya Government" is the official claim by the Mack Daddy.

Luo tribe members of the King's African Rifles guarded me and my school mates during the Mau Mau uprising, and they hated the Mau Mau and the Kikuyu. Possibly the most decorated soldier in the British Empire from among the African troops was the Luo Sergeant Major commanding the troops who guarded our school. He was hard as nails, fought in Borneo and Belgium during WWII, and he was ten times the man any of Obama's family were.

So, before Obama's term ends, he may pull off some African style civil unrest by a False Flag, or by promoting a race riot, and he will then cancel elections, sack most of the Military Generals, make himself a dictator, put on a uniform, and rule until he dies of AIDS. Idi Amin, from a tribe related to Obama's tribe, died of syphilis which rotted his brain out.

Maybe we will one day see the name, Washington DC, changed to Kazalankanda, Kitenguli, or Usambiro. I like those names because I lived in those cities. The White House will be at 1600 Njia ya Pumbafu.

LAST THOUGHT: Is it still better to live in the USA than in Africa? I can say this..... you would not be reading this now if President Mugabe was ruling the USA.

* WOG- Worthy Oriental Gentleman- Used by British colonial civil servants in China, then India, and finally Africa to designate the nationals. Source: Cambridge colonial era dictionary. Also used by the British for anyone not British. "The WOGs begin at Dover." Winston Churchill.