Thursday, May 19, 2016


So, Wal-Mart thinks they are growing great, and they are talking about guerrilla warfare with the other big boxes..... they will soon lower prices.



Wal-mart treats there employees like dirt. They give lousy benefits. But, the worst thing I see at Wal-Mart is that they sit on the phone in Little Rock, watch the sensors on the deli case, and if the temperature drops a tenth of a degree, they call that store and tell them one of their food case doors is slightly open.

Nag, nag, nag !!

But, ask a department manager in a Wal-Mart store why he no longer carries a certain product, and he will just stare at you in a dumb fog. He knows NOTHING about product policy. Nor does Little Rock want to know what he thinks. I have asked about a product not being at one store which I found at another store only twenty miles away. The department manager told me to call Little Rock and tell them what I would like. He literally told me that Little Rock would listen to me better than their store manager about products.

This is the reason for this.............. Wal-Mart hires the least talented people in retail. So, Little Rock cannot trust them to make decisions or suggest products. Never mind that they live in the same area as the customers, and the customers ask for some product over and over. 

This is the problem at Wal-Mart, and until they fix this, they will be playing games with prices and living on the razor thin edge of disaster forever in order to show a profit.

By contrast, we also shop at HEB here in Texas. I wanted to know why a certain product was not available anymore. The department manager handed me a form, told me to describe the product, and she would get if for me if I would buy a case.

THAT is customer service, and THAT is a bright department manager. She has the power to move the whole system to make me happy with one product for one sale. Wal-Mart top brass would pee their pants if you suggested they let their local department managers do that.

I hope Wal-Mart fails soon. I want to see real marketing to the customer by bright people who look me in the eye and WANT to help me..... And, their management lets them.

By the way, the employees at HEB love their job. I hear this all the time. The employees at Wal-Mart are miserable and will tell you so. Long ago, when Sam Walton was still in charge, Wal-Mart employees were smiling and thought Sam really meant it when he called them "associates." Today, it is a joke. This is
because those who inherited the kingdom from Sam Walton did not come up the hard way, so they are snob dons trying to manage a monster from far away. This is a terminal business model.