Wednesday, May 25, 2016


TSA is intentionally causing the delays in check in time. They could add more people, but they choose not to.

Thus, passengers and airlines scream, and the media front pages it.


Obama will soon cut back TSA, and shortly thereafter his goons will do a false flag and blow up an airliner.

Finally, the public will submit to being delayed and hammered by Big Nanny. 

This is only the beginning. Road blocks will be next. Some fantasy of fear and terror will be announced, and the Military will be sent around America to back up traffic with road blocks. Obama and company may nuke a whole city to justify this and other herding and nagging routines. 

Again, the public will submit.

It is all about creep, and it is all about tyranny.

This is right out of Mao Tse Tung's big book on taking over a nation.

We saw this in Ethiopia in the 1970s when a Marxist coup ravaged that nation.

Same old same old.

And, you will find that as the Military and Government stop and check you more and more, they will also become more and more brutal, crude and rude. This is already clearly seen in ALL the candidates for President. Rudeness is the order of the day. There may be good cops still, but there will never be good government agents again. They have all been mentally massaged into seeing us all as potential terrorists.

The ultimate objective is to drive some state to rebel and secede. At that point, a very pious and patriotic Obama will call for war against that state. 

This final solution will determine if America is totally destroyed. Under tyranny there will be no America, AND under rebellion there will be no America.

Personally, I am committed to the inevitable-- America is now beyond saving. The only thing that can be saved is lost sinners. If you are one, you need to be saved..... born again..... so that your destiny is in the hands of The Lord Jesus Christ, not Obama and the oligarchy.