Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Obama loves violence. He encouraged his cousin in Kenya, Riala Odinga, to start riots back in the 2008 elections. Thousands were killed. Obama danced for joy.

 Now, his Marxist master plan is in progress as street riots are clearly instigated by Obama's hoods.


Obama is a trained Marxist, and street violence is the grist for the mills of Karl Marx.

New Mexico has lost control, and if Donald Trump is elected, you will see massive riots in New Mexico and California. The problem is this.....

Will Trump be the extreme alternative to a rabid Marxist..... a Fascist Dictator?

History tells us that many dictators were nationalists and conservatives.

Don't get me wrong..... Hillary will turn America into a nation of quiet death as she sends Black Ops around America to snuff her competition. She is very effective at intimidation.

Bernie will lose it completely because Leftist Socialists like him cannot stand to use force. The riots will go unchecked under the Bern.

We are in trouble folks.