Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Many Americans with a brain and able to use YouTube, and I am one of them, KNOW that the 9/11 attack was a master demolition. The buildings fell in 13 seconds, just three seconds slower than a brick dropped from the top of the building would fall.


Thus, the Senate, and I expect, the House are nailing Saudi Arabia to a cross built for them by George Bush Jr. and others of his murderous friends. In particular, Marvin Bush had the contract for security in the World Trade Center up to the day before the demolition, and he is the one who told all employees of the Center to stay home shortly before the demolition so the security people could make changes in the security system. 


Here is where you can follow the trail of the Bush demolition plot.




So, George Busch Jr. is still held responsible for the demolition of the WTC, and many Americans absolutely refuse to believe the official line of bull on the thing.

Thus, was Saudi Arabia involved?

Probably, but only in that the alleged pilots of the planes flown into the buildings were Saudis. The truth seems to be that the planes were equipped to be flows as drones, and the Saudi Pilots were fiction. I know very well about the flying school they attended in Arizona. I drove by it regularly and had a friend who graduated from the school. It was NOT a school for large plane pilots.

So, just as 9/11 is dimming into history, Capitol Hill decides to refresh the rage and hate and assign it to Saudi Arabia.

This is why President Obama is resisting the passing of the bill. He is terrified of his Saudi handlers as to the Middle East. They are his Muslim brothers and King, but worse, they are now allied with Israel as to Iran. Any day Iran could be blown off the map by Israel with Saudi help. Obama's accomplishments (fairy tales) of controlling Iran's nuke program would all go up in dust if Israel and Saudi Arabia attacked Iran and neutered them the hard way. So, Obama must protect the Saudis in order to maintain his influence over them.

Also, Obama may know, from that nice pile of notes handed him by George Bush on day one of his Presidency in 2009, that Saudi Arabia has the goods and proof that George Bush and company blew the World Trade Center. Obama will cover for Bush at all costs. What little advantage he might gain by making Bush look evil would be totally overshadowed by the international roar and rage from around the world if the Saudis dumped their load on Bush. Many Democrats were undoubtedly involved in the 9/11 trick.

So, this is a monster case of the OK Coral, and you will find that neither the Eerps nor the Clantons are very desirable.

What can Saudi Arabia do to retaliate against the USA for this trick? 

The issues are:

1. This makes the accusation finally official that the Saudis hatched the plot. The whole world will be encouraged to see the Saudis as mass murderers. Their power and prestige in world affairs will be greatly diminished.  

2. The Saudis will either make payouts to all the victims, or they will have to fight all the cases one by one to the final verdict. Payouts imply the Saudis are admitting guilt, but court cases will bring verdicts of "guilty" over and over. This will again hammer the Saudis into the ground as evil.

So, Saudi Arabia has a tremendous motive to retaliate. The only question is, what sort of retaliation they will choose? 

They could take a huge loss and cash in their US paper. Could this cause a serious crisis in the US? The officials up yonder claim it would not. Right, and the farmer hauled another load away. Who knows? If the Saudis combined an attack on the dollar as trade currency, or if they joined BRIKS, they could double the impact on the US economy.

Another choice is diplomatic. The Saudis could ally themselves with Putin or China in a very organic way and run the US out of town. The Saudis are the kings of the south who attack Antichrist during the Great Tribulation, and allying with Putin (Gog and Magog) would fit well because the King of the North also attacks Antichrist.

Another possibility is to put a smaller rogue nation like North Korea up to doing a nuclear attack to punish the USA for this trick.

And, I am not an Arab, so I may be missing the most obvious which I cannot even imagine.

It may get a lot more interesting the the USA soon. Whatever Obama does NOT want will obviously mitigate against his plans for the last months of his Presidency. 

In any case, we in the USA will suffer for this decision by the US Senate and soon the House. As fragile as the national experience is right now, that is, since we are cocked over the edge already, the Saudis may be the ones ordained by God to give us the last shove. The USA could be kicked into Hell by Mecca in the end. 

I have to wonder if George Bush Jr. is looking into a villa in Spain. Frankly, it would be nice to see him flee from Texas.