Thursday, May 12, 2016


Clarke and Dawe are a hoot. 

I have to give the Australians credit for being able to laugh at themselves. Here in the USA there is a morbid air in the media and politics which makes laughing at oneself politically incorrect. We are only a short trip from the day when it will be an act of terrorism to laugh at the President and our demented politicians. We now have gods, not leaders, and these gods are more frightening that the mob from Greece on Mount Olympus. 

Mind you, we certainly laugh, but it is in crass hate for one another, and the laughter is mockery loaded with filthy vocabulary. 

Witness The Young Turks and Bill Maher and their collective Liberal potty mouths. 

Then again, there are those who are beyond laughter, even in satire. These are Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones. They are just a hair's breadth away from hyperventilation virtually all the time.

Before I give you a sample of Clarke and Dawe I will give you their web URLs.


John Clarke's site (with Brian Dawe_.....

This is May 12, 2016 post of Clarke and Dawe political satire. They are all like this-- short and madly funny.

I have watched many of their short comedies, and my favorite is the one about the oil tanker which broke up off of Australia several years ago.

If you think America is not sick and in need of medicating, read this from a famous world leader from long ago:

Proverbs 17:22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. Solomon

A reader of my journal online once wrote me email and told me, "You are an unmedicated idiot." I thought at the time that he simply poked the wrong choice in his spell checker. But, I do believe there now is such a thing as an unmedicated idiot. That is the USA, and the medication of a merry heart is needed badly.

You disagree? 

Well then, tell me which political candidate has a merry heart in 2016?

I will tell you...... Ben Carson, and America threw him under the bus first.