Friday, May 13, 2016


In various eras of world history, there is a point at which the trend in one direction, whether political, military, constitutional, or cultural, turns 180 degrees.

The USA and Europe have both been raging into rabid Liberalism and Socialism. Europe has been on a path to rabid internationalism, especially with Europe.

So, here we have two harbingers, I believe, of the future, and it may well be that we are in a U-Turn process right now.

In Europe, the Liberal mad leaders, Merkel and Hollande, have imported hundreds of thousands of refugees from the insane side of Islam. I am suggesting that you could not have picked the worst sort of Muslims to impose on the people of Europe. 

Thus, the U-Turn-- Mad nationalists in Europe are raging, and this time they are taking power. Also, in England, there is hate for Europe now, and this bodes badly for the EU. Key word in Europe-- Nationalism.

In the USA, the Liberal Mafia have, for years, been trying to destroy the identity of America by importing illegals, and now Syrian and ISIS refugees. The response to this is Donald Trump. Key word-- Nationalism.

Nationalism brought us the French Revolution and the slaughter of many of the leaders and brains of France. The years which followed were marked by leadership by ignoramuses. The brains were in the grave.

Nationalism brought Germany Adolph Hitler.

Nationalism brought Italy Benito Mussolini.

Nationalism brought Uganda Idi Amin

Nationalism brought the USA a new country with a new Constitution.

The lesson: Nationalism goes bad almost all the time. The USA could be said to be the exception. The founders were Deists, slave owners, wealthy, and they wanted to make their life more profitable and rule their own land. God tolerated the rebellion against the King of England for his own reasons. But this does NOT mean that God has any patience with rebellion.

So, we now have Americans who are screaming to run off the refugees and illegals.

Americans are screaming to get back their Constitution.

Americans are also screaming to keep the good life.

Problem: Nationalist renewal comes at a high price. The ruling regime, NWO and Democrat/Republican Mafia, will fight the people to stop nationalism. They will further trash the Constitution in order to keep control, and that appears to be in progress as the US Military is invading America and making a show of force to intimidate the masses.

There must be a violent revolution in order to make a really fresh start. The elite on top must be forced 100% out of power by the bottom in order to have a truly new start.

The American people will not risk the loss of their toys and comforts long enough to fight the war required. Those at the top know this, so they are seeking to break the will of the nationalists incrementally. Creep is the key word.

There is a rather unique factor involved in this U-Turn-- America is divided up into extreme emotions, state by state, and culturally. I live in Texas, and it is amazing to see people like The Young Turks, Democrats, and Bill Maher, mocking and insulting Texas. This state is the major contributor to the US economy right now, but never mind, mock and insult Texans.

This is only one example of how Americans are dividing up from one another. This is a tremendous encouragement to those who want to take this nation apart by secession and have their own little world in, say, Utah, Texas, South Carolina, and so forth.

Now, there is another panic party going on. Mark Zuckerberg is rather famous as a Liberal agent of the top rulers on the Internet. But, suddenly Mr. Z is in a panic. Why? Well, someone from inside Facebook has blown the whistle on Mr. Z, and it is now clear that his troops are trying to trash Conservatives in the USA. Facebook is very powerful, and he now has to face the fact that he may have The Donald to deal with soon.

So, Mr. Z is pleading with Conservative entities around America to let him know what they think. I cannot wait to see the interview of Zuckerberg on InfoWars with Alex Jones. Or, maybe Mr, Z will have a little on-the-air chat with Rush Limbaugh. Both men will be very kind to Mr. Z if he kisses their posteriors, and that is essentially what he is doing already. I predict he will create an in-company panel of gurus from both Liberal and Conservative sides to give him regular impressions of Facebook.

What about The Donald? 

You saw what happens when nationalism and Fundamental Christianity are mixed in Ted Cruz. Americans, while rabidly nationalist, do not want too large a dose of God. Ted was a lousy excuse for a Christian, but his experiment brought Conservatives back to the master of pseudo-religious nationalism in Trump. If anything, this has strengthened the grip of Trump on destiny.

So, the masses, and their champion, are about the turn the juggernaut around.

What next?

All I can promise you is that Bible prophecy regarding this era promises that the Laodiceans (rule of the people) will prevail, while the Nicolaitans (above the people) will try to overcome their losses and fail. Read The Revelation, last book of the Bible, Chapters 2-3. 

God is in this, and since it is all based in rebellion, this era in the USA and Europe will be a time of serious conflict and rage. God will not allow this era of transition to be pleasant for anyone. And, the Antichrist will use the coming social and cultural chaos to make his false world peace which lasts three and one half years.

Perhaps the best ongoing example of how the Nicolaitan top mob uses "creep" to manage the Laodiceans is this curious war on culture in forcing women to accept men in the ladies restroom to have co-defecation sessions. What is really happening, and President Obama knows it very well, is that all the worst perverts and voyeurs of America now have an open door to attack women. The Laodiceans will win. They will refuse to give their business to any entity which complies. Businesses will quickly remodel and off a row of single restrooms. Watch for Obama to force Christian colleges and churches to allow men in women's restrooms.

This dog-at-the top factor in Barak Obama, the perverted Mack Daddy from Chicago, seems to me to be the effort by his elite handlers to drive American Conservatives to their knees. Thus, America will decided rebellion is more than justified. Already, the Laodiceans in North Carolina are forcing Obama to back-walk his threats to defund NC. Stay tuned.

"America was founded in rebellion against a king, and.....
America will be destroyed by rebellion against a king."
Greg Estep- Dayton, Ohio, circa 1993

Most of you reading here will not like my conclusion, but I am not a nationalist. I am a Bible believer, and like the prophets of Bible times, it is my responsible to speak the truth, not justify evil.

1 Samuel 15:22 And Samuel said, Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.
23 For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.


This lady, being from Scotland and elected to the British Parliament, is trying to diminish the role of nationalism in Scotland. This is clearly an act of desperation. Texas has its champions of the USA with Texas a permanent state in the union. But, there are thousands of bumper stickers on Texas cars with the word "secede." The time bomb of nationalism is ticking.

Will this work? No. There will be too much rage from beneath, and the top will lose control.The answer will be to turn to one man, one single power, so that everyone must submit or be destroyed. Once the White Race realizes they have lost control, they will seek the answer man, and he will be from the Middle East. The world will have come full circle from the Garden of Eden to the rule of Antichrist from Mount Zion. One other lesson from this talk: The first state which establishes itself with the world outside the USA, that state will be able to leave the USA behind and be totally independent of Washington DC. But, that state will then become interlocked with the rest of the world, and in the process, lose the nationalist identity to the world.

And, Donald Trump promises to finish off the work by total isolation and more trade protectionism. This is where nationalism will take the USA into monstrous conflict with the rest of the world. And, that means America is now building up a patriotic mob who say, "To Hell with the bottom billion."
God is not amused.

The Donald has been attacked by the Prime Minister of the UK, who is now trying to back-peddle since Trump appears to be coming on strong. Also, just today, we find that Mexico is forming its own political party to destroy Trump by recruiting big business to help. China has made it clear that Trump will destroy the peace with Asia. Trump will have the whole world in a panic before he is elected. There have to be a dozen or more plots in progress to kill him. And, he will learn about them, and that will drive him to rage. The world is stupidly making themselves the next Reich by attacking Trump. I do not remember any time in my life where the world targeted one American man with such hate.


With Hillary Clinton America gets a large dose of the New World Order, secret government, nanny-nag regulation, nullification of the Constitution, destruction of the good life by Military oppression, and finally, revolution.

With Donald Trump America gets isolationism, global friends who become our enemies, the collapse of US political power in the world, which then becomes the collapse of our dollar in the world, and finally, after an Inflation/Depression period, revolution.

The 2016 Presidential election is all about whether the Nicolaitans or the Lodiceans will rule, and neither one will do anything to stop the slide into the abyss.

We are thus over the edge already. There is no plan, and no leader, prepared to lead the USA out of this destiny.

FOOTNOTE: On any given day, there are only about 220 of you who come and read here. That tells me I am not famous by the world's standards. But then, there ARE 220 people who think I am worth looking into. That is humbling because I live a very simple life now in the Hill Country of Texas. I hope that my Savior, Jesus Christ, is made obvious in my editorial.


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