Tuesday, May 3, 2016




The Bible says absolutely NOTHING about the USA in prophetic texts. NOTHING!!

Any Bible teacher or prophecy guru who claims otherwise is moving in Mother Goose territory.

Someone will call us to the text that follows, that is, prophecy by Jesus himself:

Matthew 24:37 But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,
39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

This seems to give us hope that life will be good until the Church is Raptured out and the Great Tribulation begins, right? That is correct, but understand this about Jesus' prophecy in Matthew 24:

That prophecy was for the Jews in Israel, that is Galilee and Judea, and generally the Middle East. All of the event of the Antichrist era, including a false peace in the region, are just that..... LOCAL. There is no indication that Jesus was telling us that life would be good over the horizon. So, there is NO comfort for America in Matthew 24. Furthermore, the USA is preventing any of that prophecy from being fulfilled.

But, the USA is the current world bully in the model of the Persian Empire and the Roman Empire from past history. Nothing can go forward today without the US President either approving, or if some maverick DOES go forward without the US's permission, the CIA is sent to that maverick nation, and they have a coup at once.

Thus, no Bible prophecy in the Middle East can go forward without the President of the USA's approval, and that means a Muslim has God in a hammer lock, and even God cannot facilitate any ongoing prophecy without the Mack Daddy of Chicago's approval.

God is not charmed by this arrangement.

Enter, North Korea, Iran, India, and ISIS and possibly Russia.

These nations would love to trash the USA. I left China out because they have to pause before pushing the red button because they would be trashing WalMart and Target. China needs the USA too much to do us in. Then again, a selective strike with an EMP over New York City and Washington DC would leave the rest of the US market intact. This could be accomplished by their new Mach 10 low flying missile.

But, North Korea NOW has two satellites in orbit over the USA in a polar orbit. There is NO reason North Korean needs to know what is happening at the North and South Pole. That orbit is only useful if they have some business to do with the North American continent.

If you missed this, you MUST read it.

At any moment an EMP attack could wipe out the USA as we know it. All military around the world would be left orphaned. Some idiot submarine captains would fire off their missiles as they have been told to do after an EMP, but most of them would quickly realize they would have to go to port in a foreign nation and hope for mercy. Selling the missiles would buy a lot of food and care. Otherwise, you guys in the Middle East would be in deep trouble. Suddenly, no nation in the area will give a fart in the pop bottle for your destiny.

You living in the USA would have to survive for AT LEAST one year on what you have in your pantry and garden. No garden? I would give you about two weeks to death. No pantry worth more than three days. I give you one week to death, that is, if you are not murdered by then.

About 99% of all you in the big East Coast cities will not survive.

Understand this, the US military and FEMA may do some rescue work in the first few days, but they will soon figure out that when the food is gone, they too will die. At that point, FEMA and the Military will hole up and keep their food supplies for their own survival purposes.

Why so morbid?

Answer: After a total shut down of the USA, there will be no law enforcement. Every unprepared person will go raging through the community trying to find food, and they will kill for it. Every prepared person will be under siege and will kill everyone who even hints at doing them harm.

There is NO happy ending to a nuclear attack via EMP..... NONE, unless you are prepared with two things: (1) Supplies and (2) A determination to do virtually anything, including kill without mercy, anyone intruding into your territory.



Forget the nuclear EMP threat for now. If there were no such threat, we would still be in deep trouble from our sun. Several factors are coming together at once.

1. The sun is in a low sun spot cycle, and that will end with a vigorous return to normal or beyond. When the sun starts blowing off Coronal Mass Ejections and magnetic bursts again at normal levels, the earth will be hit by those blasts.

2. The North and South Poles are moving together and will meet northwest of Australia. At that point a new North and South Pole will form, and the opposite pole from the Australian pole will be in the vicinity of the Bermuda Triangle.

3. As the poles move together, the magnetosphere of the earth is degrading. Not, will degrade. It is happening NOW. This will permit magnetic storms from the sun to penetrate better, and even mild solar activity will blast the earth with energy.

The point here is this..... The earth is NOW a lot more vulnerable than it is normally from solar storms and CMEs. The other name for these storms is a Solar EMP, because that is exactly what they are.

Thus, the sun will soon blast all, or nearly all, of our power grid into so much rubbish. The only bit of comfort is that some technology will be left intact, unlike the totality of a nuclear EMP. But, without a power grid for one or two years, our technology toys will be so much trash as to survival. Some Automobiles may survive a solar EMP, but without a power grid, there will be no fuel available in just a couple of days.

Two videos to bring you up to speed on Solar EMPs:

This video by Ben Davidson was done today, May 3, 2016

You will not get many mild bangs like this one before the big one. This hit is highly instructional because, before the poles started moving, and before the magnetosphere started collapsing, this hit would not have been noticed at all.

The big one need not be that big, as I said before. The earth is in trouble, and you are on the bull's eye.



At first, the police and US Military will go forth to the rescue. But, in a very short time they will realize that their equipment, which they boast is "hardened" against EMPs, will have no fuel because all fuel delivery systems will be gone.

Also, the Military will be both a rescue force and a killer force. They will execute people at will who refuse their "help." In the end, the masses will attack the Military, and they will be forced to either turn to genocide or back off. I suspect they will back off and go home. I predict that within two weeks most of the US Military will be trekking by foot, trying to get home to Mamma.

The local police may be more useful simply because they live in the neighborhood. But again, they will be very limited as to how they can help. And, they may resort to some rough tactics in order to keep active. If your car is running, they will demand you "loan" it to them to replace their dead vehicles.

These factors apply to both nuclear and solar EMPs. The only difference is in the time frames between the hit and the day of total chaos when all forces trying to keep order have to go home to their families and try to keep them alive.

The blessing, I think, is that we will get a warning that a solar EMP is coming. The warning will probably not be from any US official sources because they will all want to use the crisis to take control of the USA, and the decent ones among them will decided that warning the masses would create horrendous panic and migration from dead end to dead end.

Ben Davidson does a Space Weather program every day at around 6AM in the morning. If a major EMP is coming, it will travel at way below the speed of light. This means Ben and you can SEE the storm up to 24 hours before it arrives.

The last minute preparedness can thus be done, and the most important is to put radios and other technology into a Faraday Cage. Use an old fashioned metal trash can from Lowes, line it with blankets to that the contents to not touch the metal sides, and put the lid on tight. It does not need any special ground arrangement. In fact, that may be a bad idea.



The Beans, Bullets, and Bandaids advice is too simple. These experts have not lived through a total crisis like the Great Depression or a military coup. Their advice is very helpful, but you must do your own thinking so that you cover what they miss. Here are the priorities:

Air- Will the crisis that follows make the air unsafe? 
Water- Will you have a source of water? 
Beans- This is food that can stay in storage and usable for at least six months while you plant a garden. 
Bullets- You will HAVE TO defend yourself. Peaceniks will all be killed or reduced to slavery. 
BandAids- You need medical supplies. If you are on insulin, plan to die. Insulin just be refrigerated to keep for ling periods. Do not plan to raid a pharmacy. A thousand people will get there before you. Order Lugol's iodine solution now in the event that a nuclear power plant blows up near you. After a crisis, start with 13 drops one day, and then 2-3 a day from then on. 
Mental Health- What will you have to keep you from going mad? 
Spiritual Needs- This is not low on the list because it is not important. The list starts with the physical absolutes and moves on to those you can better improvise. 
Transportation- After a period of hunkering down, enduring looters, forming local self-defense models with other survivors, you will need to be able to travel short distances to reach resources that are no available locally. With a bicycle and a fishing pole you can get food from a nearby river of lake. Take your gun along of course. This mobility will also allow you to make deals with other survivors at a distance, such as trading eggs from you chickens for goat milk from the farmer down the road.
Currency- You need to have cash on hand NOW. There will be no cash available from any source than what people have at the time of the crisis. The best currency is barter items. Salt, toilet paper, bullets, water, food, and common medications are the best universal currency, and they are a cheap investment. Do not save up gold. When someone learns you have it, YOU ARE DEAD MEAT.
Relocate Now- If you are living in a large city, you have VIRTUALLY NO CHANCE of survival. At least get into the rural ring outside of a city and commute to work. Always have a back pack with a weapon, some food, and water so that if an EMP hits while you are shopping of commuting to work, you can hike home. If your car stops, and other cars around you stop, and all lights in the area go out, do not hang around to chat and speculate. Get out of your car and start hiking at once. You need the safety of that period of time it takes people to move from confusion to total panic. If an old car comes by, try to hitch hike part way home. Have $300 in your back pack as an incentive to the car owner to help you. If you are far from home, you will have to forget about going home possibly for months to a year. Get busy arranging your new life where you are. If someone in your family is handicapped or limited, take a wheel chair with your in the car everywhere you go. You might be able to push the thing all the way home eventually. Oil the wheels for a long trip.

One of the blessings in an EMP of any sort is that the wicked in high places will be reduced to beggars. They have their hide outs, but they will not be able to get to them. And, they will not be able to meddle with the lives of ordinary people in any way. Do not be seduced by communications from the elite. They will become deadly and willing to kill anyone for their own survival needs.



To end where we started,  with a nuclear EMP, the USA will be 100% erased from world affairs, and the Middle East will become center stage as God intends it for the End Times fulfillments. Nations mentioned in prophecy will suddenly become very powerful, and the world will tremble at Israel, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Iran (Persia).

Australia will become a back water, being overwhelmed by Indian and Chinese immigration.

South America will be basically forgotten, and they will hunker down and survive.\

Canada? A big zero. Most of them will immigrate to warmer places if they can arrange it.

Africa? Hmmmmm Life may be pretty good in Africa with the American bully destroyed.

Europe will become a milque toast empire as Muslims (clay toes on the image of Daniel) battle for control with the iron toes (old Roman Empire White race), and neither take total control. 

Russia will be left with the power over Europe and the rest of the White Race. 

China will be supreme in many ways also, and they will prepare to lead the Kings of the East across the Euphrates River toward Armageddon.

This could all fall into place in a matter of days. It will not take the Jews, Arabs, Russians, and Persians long to figure out that they are in charge.

Enter Antichrist. 

He will not be a Mack Daddy from Chicago. He will be a Jew of Syrian, and he will bring peace. The nuclear EMP attack on America could well serve the purpose of Antichrist of convincing the world that nuclear weapons are very evil and must be destroyed. What follows will be the false peace of Antichrist for three and one half years.

In the event of a solar EMP, the whole world will be out of technology, and life will become very primitive. This could explain why Armageddon is described in the Bible as hand to hand combat with primitive weapons. And, the armies who meet there will move on their feet or on horses (Russia).

So, you and I are sitting on the bull's eye, my American friend. The rest of you in the world can breath easier in knowing that God will soon take the USA out of the picture, and the Great Bully of the End Times will be destroyed.

5. Matthew 24:14:And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

The whole world has had the Gospel preached to them. They are systematically rejecting it. The next event is the Rapture of the Lord's Church, and after that, all hell will break loose on earth. 


God could easily decide to destroy the USA as plain and simply judgment, and the Rapture could still be one hundred years away.

So, my American reader............... Are you ready to go? 

I am not talking about the Rapture of the Church. Are you ready to die? This nation is in dire threat all the time. We all could be slowly dying at any time. If you want to make a difference, do something to prepare. Dying slowly of starvation is not a pleasant experience, especially if you have to watch your kids die before you.

I realize this post seems very far out and hard to conceptualize. Life is really very good for most of us Americans, right? But, we live in a strange world where life can be delightful at one moment, and the next moment is hell on earth. That is the price we Americans are paying for bullying the rest of the world and slapping world leaders around.

John 14:25 These things have I spoken unto you, being yet present with you.
26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.
27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

Nothing is taking our God by surprise. 

And, Jesus is the source of our peace, that is, we who are truly born again Bible believers. The ultimate test of the peace that Jesus gives us will be during the ultimate crisis. Only then can we fully experience that "peace which passeth understanding."

To those of you who reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ, get ready to die and suffer hell on earth, after which, get ready to die and suffer forever in Hell after death. I can give you not hope if you reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ.