Thursday, May 12, 2016


Merck makes the vaccines that are given to babies long before their immune system is ready for this procedure. This causes autism and other complications in children. Autism was rare when I was a kid, and now it is rampant. This is ALL because of vaccinations.

And, here is proof they do not protect anyone.


All these students come from high browed Liberal do-gooder class homes. Their parents are the type who believe any blasted lie of the US Government, especially regarding treating and vaccinating children. These kids at Harvard are suffering the results of not getting mumps when they were children. Long ago, mothers would intentionally expose their young children to mumps so they would get it and get an immunity when they were young and would have no complications.

So, these Harvard students are not having horrible side effects, and some of them may be permanently harmed in the process. 

Vaccines used to be a good idea when we got them for Cholera, Typhoid, Diphtheria, Tetenus, and other tropical disease before traveling abroad. But now, Merck and other vaccine producers have sold the Liberal dead beat US Government on the notion that vacines for absolutely anything from mumps to hang nail are absolutely essential.

Another deadly result is that children used to develop a strong immune system from having mumps and measles and other childhood diseases. Today, they have very weak immune systems because their bodies never had to fight off these diseases.

Parents who care about their children will do anything possible to prevent their children from being part of the vaccination holocaust in the USA.

By the way, you may think you can sue Merck and other Big Pharma companies if they maim your kid with vaccinations. Wrong. The US Government has passed a law protecting EVERYONE involved in giving of vaccinations, from the maker to your family physician. They ALL lie about vaccinations because they know they are safe from prosecution.

America murders kids for profit.