Friday, May 13, 2016


When a man designs a story to deceive masses of people, a story that did not have to be told, the only conclusion is that that man is planning something evil, and the story is a cover.


The story was on behalf of President Obama and the US Secretary of State at the time. They had a totally other plan going, and the Iran agreement was a smoke screen for some other action.

The obvious cover up would be to hide the possibility that Obama wants Iran to destroy Israel. That is what they have been threatening to do for many years, and they never stopped that threat throughout the negotiations over nuclear development by Iran.

This means that President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry want to destroy Israel.

This also means the God will move against President Obama soon based on the Bible covenant of God to Abraham that he would bless them who bless Israel, and he would curse them who curse Israel.

The USA is in trouble. Our Senate and House are doing nothing with this news of a total fiction being hatched to deceive America with the Iranian deal.

So, God will move against the whole nation soon.

Be ready.

God is coming, America.