Tuesday, September 6, 2016


The She President enters the Great Hall of the People in Beijing for the plenery session of G-20. She coughs her way to the head table, causing dignitaries to panic as she coughs in their faces. For the record, you can see videos of Hillary coughing in people's faces. She has NO consideration for the people around her.

So, the grand meeting of world leaders waits with bated breath as Hillary rises to address world leaders and add in a large dose of nannying, for which she is already famous.

And then.......

And then......

And then......




"It's the Chinese pollen I am allergic to."

The problem is, the Democrat groupies roared approval in Hillary's campaign rallies, as if she were a hero for coughing. But, world leaders are not nearly as stuck on stupid as Democrats in the USA. 

So, a hush falls over the Great Hall of the People, and the famous delegates start chatting and fidgeting with their table wear. Some check their I-phones. Some just scowl, especially those from male dominate cultures.

In the video collection you will see where she holds the mic to talk, and when she coughs, she covers her mouth with the mic. This is a future President? Blasting the crowd with her terminal cough?


I think not. Something has slipped in the belfry folks.


What is very likely to happen here is that Hillary will run this up to just a week or two from the election date, and then she will crash physically. The Democrats will go into a raging panic as they try to figure out who to put on the ballet..... Kraine, Biden, of Sanders.

Then Obama will call off the elections, and the nation will rage in anger. 

If you have a friend who is a Democrat, ask him why the Democrats sold their soul to Hillary. They knew she had health issues. Why did they drive this on and on as if everything is copacetic?

If, per chance, Hillary makes it all the way through to inauguration without crashing, the day of reckoning will come soon afterward. Hillary will be "resting" all the time. There will be no visits to international events. She will have to send the Sec. of State or the VP. The White House will become a nursing home. Bill Clinton, who is showing serious signs of wasting and mental degeneration, will become Hillary's spokesman, and he will essentially have a third term.

The mainline media will try to play along with the trick, but eventually, as they did when they tried to cover up Bill's whore in the Oval Office, the media will be all over the thing. They will become virtual paparazzi as they try to get the scoop on the dying Queen of Coughalvania.

The worst of this horror story will be when aides, the Pentagon, and men in Congress start meeting in small groups and trying to figure out how to keep Hillary away from the red nuke buttons. These meetings will be technically treasonous, but something unconstitutional will need to be done to oust Hillary from power before she gets millions killed as she goes loco.

DEMOCRATS............................ Question time.

Is this the America you really want?  

Well, this is what you will get if you elect Hillary.

I am sure you Democrats simply cannot find it in you to vote for Donald Trump, but please consider the alternative. Trump may be unpredictable in some ways, but he has been getting his act together in recent weeks. He is showing he can listen to his aides. 

But, I can assure you of this..... Trump will not end up sitting in the corner of the Oval Office drooling on himself and coughing his head off.