Wednesday, September 7, 2016


China and Russia are joining forces in the South China Sea. This is clearly a punch in the nose of Obama and his handlers.


The possibility of nuclear war has been openly discussed by Putin and his friends. But, he is not pulling punches as the US bully threatens Russia.

This move by Russia and China to join forces puts the USA on notice that WW III will not be the USA against one or the other of the two. A war between the US on one side, and Russia and China on the other side, could be very ugly.


Answer: If we shoot at either Russia or China, there will be serious fallout on neutral neighbors in Asia, the Middle East, and on Europe. If China and Russia attack the USA with nukes, they have very little to worry about as to fall out.

Thus, the USA would become hated beyond anything imaginable by the nations of the world if our people start a nuclear war.

Pray that the New World Order creeps who love war will be restrained by God.