Saturday, September 10, 2016


In the next article below you see that Russia is making a very large show of their military might.

But, that is not where Russian tricks end. Putin went to China for G-20 and essentially fired President Obama from the Middle East, Syria in particular. Putin also brought Turkey into the mix and left the EU and NATO trembling as they watch Turkey and Obama take orders from Putin.

Meanwhile, Obama shuffles down the levy toward his last days in the Presidency. He is losing one after the other of his accomplishments, sparse as they are.

In the photo at the top of the page you can see the pathetic Obama avoiding eye contact with Putin. Obama is taller than Putin, so he has NO excuse for being timid. The look on Obama's face reminds me of the dull Africans I saw while growing up in Tanzania. They had nothing going on inside.

Now, here is the look that Obama needs to contemplate. I suspect Obama does not know what this look means when seen on the face of an ex-Commander of the KGB:

What Putin is doing (and this is not in the article from Debka linked below) is setting up the immediate future for the possibility that Hillary is the next President. Putin will have taken over the Syrian front, and Hillary will have to start WW III in order to reverse it.


Daniel 7:5 And behold another beast, a second, like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh.

It may be that Donald Trump will be elected President, and he will get out of the Middle East, especially Syria. This will give Putin a free hand to consolidate his power base in the prophetic model of Ezekiel 38-39.


The following is from Webb Cook, correspondent and ex-IDF fighter.


Recently I saw Russia referred to as an amoral power.  So along with the Russian Orthodox Church, that is probably very true.  Like if a superpower had the Roman Catholic church as its state religion.  That would be scary.

So yes, in our world of heavily tatted heathens, Putin does indeed have the moral high ground.  The Russian soldiers and the Russian people are so dedicated to their religion, that they are an extremely formidable force.  The only thing that can knock them back on their rear ends is to lose 5/6 (or more) of their army that invades Israel (Ezekiel 38-39).  That defeat will put the moral high ground in perspective for the world to see. 

I strike up conversations with the guy who runs our only Chinese restaurant by joking that I'm going to join the Red Chinese Army because the "Jappies" are getting blustery again and we can't let them get out of hand.  I tell him I need him to join up with me so he can tell me what the officers are saying.  He takes it all in good fun and plays along.  He said Chinese soldiers get nearly nothing in the way of pay and there are no veterans' benefits whatsoever.  So it's an army of very poor men commanded/ruled by brute force.  It's easier for them to break and run in combat because they have nothing close to Russian Orthodox Christian ethics backing up their will. 

It's kind of hard to express myself here, but given two or more amoral powers, the one (Russia) which adheres to Christian ethics -- albeit corrupted Christian ethics -- at least has a truth backing them up even though their church has deviated from it to the point of apostasy.  They know that homosexuality is wrong, and they at least know abortion is wrong because it deprives Russia of needed citizens and soldiers.  But definitely the simple answer is yes. 

That recent photo of Putin given a drawn looking Obama the evil eye says it all (see above). Putin has no respect for him whatsoever and has even more disdain for him for being bound to leave his office at the end of 8 years. Putin exercised the power to make sure he doesn't have to leave office/command. Obama and his handlers are nothing but a joke to the Russians.

The other chilling photo I'll reference is of Putin standing before an extremely hard looking group of his generals. Those guys are all stone cold killers, and even the US Marine Corps has no espirit de corps like that. They used to I'm sure, but not anymore. This country is castrated, feminized, and Obama has no clue.
The Russians have hi-tech fighting capability but don't rely on it in the least.  I sent you something over a year ago about them doing all of their military communication via typed letters and couriers which cannot be intercepted.  I have read extensively about their soldier training, and it centers on proficiency using the most basic of weapons that they're likely to have no matter what -- like entrenching tools and bayonets.  They're totally grounded in reality. 

Obama and his people can't even conceive of how rugged and brutal the Russians are.  That's why it took almost no time for us to abandon the Syrian rebels and hightail it out of the area.  We have no will left to oppose Russia with.  I'll bet the Chinese are even utterly terrified of Russia, and so the Kings of the East won't be able to march into the Middle East until the Russians are out of the picture due to Ezekiel 38-39.  What I've written here also applies to how politically correctly neutered the Israeli Army is, but they have the luxury of having God on their side.

EDITOR: Steve Van Nattan
The US Military hates God. All mention of God, and all prayer, are not punishable in the US Army. Out Military is basically living with enforced Atheism, which means there is nothing to fight for except the Mack Daddy Commander in Chief. And if Hillary the Christ hater and murderer gets elected, the US Military will become a nagged and nannied passel of pimps.

As Webb Cook said, this explains why Obama is running from Syria and giving it to Putin.

So, you think America is strong and powerful, right?


Black, White, and Hispanic............ America is a equal opportunity jiggaboo nation dancing to Satan's jive, AND Hellsapoppin:

Meanwhile, Russia is driven by patriotism and loyalty to what Christianity they have. They will die for it, while in the USA, the football player kneels in hate for America while the music plays.

And, with Obama playing the African drums, the beat goes on.