Friday, September 9, 2016


Hillary has a history of being cranky and mean to people, especially police and anyone who calls for law and order. She also hates anyone who does not facilitate her passions, including her butches and pushers. This hate is so intense, that over twenty of these people she hates have committed suicide very conveniently just before they were scheduled to talk about her.

So, what happened to the "other half?" Bill is the one who kept up the jolly image of liking people and being tolerant. He is now showing serious signs of senility, which means his mouth runs off, and he is getting as mean as mamma.


He just threw away Kentucky and West Virginia for his dyke. Hillary is helping by giving Americans the creepy crawlies over her health.

I am convinced that the only way Hillary can win is by hacking the election process. The way she is slapping down the press and avoiding people tells me there is a plan afoot for criminal attacks on the election system. I hope Trump has some idea how to handle that.

Remember, when confronted by the fact that her actions resulted in Ambassador Chris Stevens being tortured to death by her Muslim things, her response was, "What difference does it make?"

Is this man going to be America's First Dog?

If you watched he whole video, you learned that under aged girls are being imported in large numbers into the USA. I believe that the reason the leaders of the Republican Party have become such wimpy pansies in recent years is because someone has them blackmailed. That is very likely George Soros, or some other such creep.

So, for all practical intents and purposes, America has no leaders anymore. The only hope for this nation is for state Governors and Legislatures to take charge of America's destiny. The longer these lower level powers procrastinate, the closer we get to a dictatorship by the Hidden Hand.