Tuesday, September 27, 2016


This is based on a true story approved by Snopes and other reliable sources:

Donald Trump certainly has his warts. But, the back history of Hillary Clinton, including the stories of her being a rabid dyke, tells us that, while Obama enhanced racism in America, Hillary will enhance sex crimes and rank perversions nationwide. As Secretary of State, Hillary went from nation to nation hammering their leaders to loosen their laws against sodomy.

When she went to Suriname, on the north coast of South America, she came to a nation living under controlled tension. They are culturally split in three. Hindu, Muslim, and Christian. The nation has come to control themselves and keep from going the way of other nations with a large Muslim population.

The one single issue these three ethnic groups in Suriname do NOT talk about is sodomy. They all agree to call it illegal, and then the three groups deal with it within their own communities. Hillary arrived there and publicly demanded they make sodomy free for all people in Suriname. The result was a horrible state of tension as each group tried to figure out what to do with Hillary. 

By the time she left Suriname, all three groups of peoples were only too pleased to see her leave.

I learned this personally from a Christian friend who lives in Paramaribo, Suriname.

Hillary will work her way through America's Schools, Churches, cities, and state legislatures forcing them to change all standards on sodomy. Pastors will be told to change what they preach on sodomy. Your kids will be taught, and probably shown, how sodomy is superior to biblical Christianity. If Hillary could, I am fully convinced she would have laws passed that American children have to take field trips to the Castro District of San Francisco and visit bath houses there and let local faggots give them hand jobs.

If you vote for Hillary, do not complain when your kid comes home and says, "Daddy, my teacher showed me how to suck his Peter today. Is that OK, Daddy?"

I know must of us have misgivings about Donald Trump, but he has committed himself to be a conservative, and if he wants a second term, he will have to behave like a conservative. So, I strongly suggest you vote for Trump in defense of your home, church, and nation.

Let me make this really blunt, friend. If Hillary becomes President of the USA, God will VERY likely do to the USA what he did to Sodom and Pompey. 


Psalms 101:8 I will early destroy all the wicked of the land; that I may cut off all wicked doers from the city of the LORD.