Wednesday, September 7, 2016


The US Secretary of Defense is threatening Russia about the alleged claim that Russia may be tampering with the US election.

They cannot prove this, but you and I are supposed to believe it.


The most disgusting aspect of this is that the US Ambassador to Russia was all over the streets of Moscow, back when Putin was running for his second term as President, trying to destroy Putin's chance of being elected.

So, this is what the American Empire has come to. We can trash whole nations, kill their leaders, and destroy their democratic processes, but when Russia messes with our elections we are ready to go to war.

This claim against Russia sounds a lot like a False Flag to me. Obama can escalate this on and on until Americans are roaring with rage and buying cheap little American flags made in China and attaching them to their SUVs.

Something along the way will soon give the alleged justification to launch nuclear war against Russia.


Putin strikes first.

It appears to me that someone in the shadows is trying to drag America into war and annihilation.