Monday, September 12, 2016


It seems that President Duterte of the Philippines has leaned that John Kerry was born to a low grade unregistered "bitch."

This seems a bit extreme to me. I have not agreed with Kerry on many issues, but I have thought well of him because he rescued some US soldiers from a mine field on a river in Thailand during the Vietnam War. Kerry also married the Heinz pickle queen, and that should make up for any deficiency in his pedigree.

Perhaps Kerry should pop into Hanoi and ask the President of Vietnam to give him a reference to the Philippine President.


I have to give Kerry high points. Not many men would be so patient and hand their adversary $33 million after being called an SOB.

This is the sort of thing that is being missed by Americans because they are transfixed by Hillary, waiting eagerly for her to tumble down the stairs.

I also see that Durerte is contemplating an alliance with China. That could really mess up US policy in the South China Sea. Our people have been claiming that the Philippines is mad as hops over the Chinese invasion of the area and their manufacturing new islands to help them claim the South China Sea. If Duterte gives Xi the hugs, the whole US policy in the area could collapse.

So, watch for the US to snuff the President of the Philippines. That is how the Big Bully USA gets its way. We no longer take our lumps since we now can rule the world and murder anyone in the way.

It was Teddy Roosevelt who grabbed the Philippines from Spain as booty from our war with Spain in Cuba. I am not sure how Teddy made the logic that our defeating Spain in Cuba allowed us to take the Philippines from Spain.