Thursday, September 1, 2016


The is explosive folks.

So, what is going on here? Here are the possibilities as I see it.

1. Hillary is a holograph, is seen by the eyes of the attenders, but she does not appear on cell phones.

2. The whole rally trick is staged, and the mob are there as actors. Hillary is then dubbed into the video later.

3. Hillary is dead, and old videos of her are used to manufacture her appearance.

The question is, why would the people with cell phones want to photograph the thing? If they are in on the stunt, and if Hillary is not there after all, then why record it?

So, it seems that Hillary is there, but she does not appear on cell phones.

I went surfing. The above possibilities seemed like overkill. Is there a very simple explanation?

I found a fellow who did what seems to be the problem solving presentation. It seems the audience was added after the event.


The obvious reason to do this would be because Hillary cannot pull the crowds. The area in front of her is nearly empty. The backdrop was loaded for the camera so that you think the hall was packed to overflowing.

This is the creepy lady who wants to lie and lie to America and trash everything she touches. This is the lady with the ethics of a murderer like George Soros.