Thursday, September 15, 2016


In the following video you hear a discussion of the DNC now hammering down the replacement for Hillary. And, it looks like the feminazis on the DNC will get Michelle chosen to be the candidate.


If Michelle is chosen, we have at least four more years of racism coming.

But, can Michelle win?

It will all depend on whether or not she can drive the White Race in America into enough self-condemnation and guilt over past racism so that they vote for her our of guilt.

As to qualifications, Michelle has none for the office of President. She has a big mouth, and she would probably try to shout down Trump. She will raise the level of attack on Trump as not qualified, and the world will roar with laughter. This could go very badly for her. Trump has been handling woman for a long time, and he knows the plan.

Michelle has not been put to the scrutiny that Barak has. It may well be that Michelle has ghosts in her closet which will come forth and destroy her. There is also the question whether or not she is a tranny.

So, the DNC may be about to hand America the ultimate destroyer. It is entirely possible that she would start WWIII out of hate for Putin. She said she was ashamed to be an American up until the point at which Barak was elected President.

I believe Michelle hates Whites, and America in general, more than her husband does.

The worst consideration is this..... Michelle as President would give Barak Obama his coveted third term in office. He would be appointed to handle Michelle. 

In order to see Michelle elected, she and her thugs would have to assassinate Trump, and that is exactly what I predict she will do if she is raised to be the Democrat candidate. The Dems are mad with a lust for power, and among their midst are suspected killers.

We need to pray that God will enter and stop this in his way.

What is at stake?

If you watched the whole video above, you heard Michael Savage predict that, if Trump looks like he is winning, President Obama and the Hidden Hand will either cause a race war and martial law, or there will be a total financial collapse so that elections are impossible.

I can add the possibility of a False Flag attack, such as a nuclear attack on a mid sized American city, and war will be declared against Russia. This will trigger a total attack on the USA by Putin, and we will then be shut down by an EMO nuke from Russia.

The only hope humanly is if some of the elite decide they are not ready for Martial Law or a financial collapse. In which case, Obama may get the bullet.