Wednesday, September 14, 2016


AMTV is doing videos on Hillary being dead.

Skip ahead to 1:00 minute mark bypass promo:

Will the next Presidential debate look like this?

By now, thousands of YouTubers are aware of the pie faced slim hipped double that came out of the hotel on 9/11 flying along like a real healthy warrior. No one who is rational can miss the fact that the second Hillary is clearly not the real Hillary.

So, watch for the next Hillary. There may even be a third one. In any case, it is getting more and more obvious that the real Hillary is either dead and slabbed in some morgue, OR, she is in an oxygen tent in some ICU.

If the AMTV video is correct above, then Hillary may be incarcerated by the DNC so that she can be held until they decide whether to snuff her or make her disappear to Jiddah, Saudi Arabia. 

Bill Clinton, who like Hillary has always been loyal to himself first, will play along with the trick so that the Democrats can replace Hillary with someone they think will win. Then again, do you suppose Bill Clinton has been pushed into the shadows as a has been? READ THIS ARTICLE 

Is Bill nothing but an aging stud horse with delirium tremors? I do believe that Bill Clinton is singing YESTERDAY.

If this death of Hillary story turns out to be true, then ANYONE whom the DNC chooses to finish the campaign against Donald Trump is in on the trick, and he or she will be just as deadly as Hillary. 

The whole Democratic machine in the USA has become a mob of criminal thugs. They showed their stuff with Bernie, and they will kill Hillary if she is still alive.

If I am correct, then there is a morbid justice in all of this. Hillary has a string of alleged suicides strung out down her back history, over 20 dead bodies on her doorstep. It is of the most supreme poetic justice that Hillary should be snuffed by the system she served and killed for.


Governor Matt Bevin hints at the need for bloodshed if Hillary is elected. His words are rather coy and tricky, but the underlying tone is a call for the killing of Hillary. This is clear out of order for any Governor, no matter how wicked a President is.

But, this shows the rank hatred many people have for Hillary. Do you suppose the DNC has decided to hand America a more huggable candidate, like "Slow" Joe Biden, the boy who hugs the ladies and cracks bawdy jokes with the men?


FBI Director Comey is now deep in hot water. It turns out that he was up to his nostrils in Hillary Clinton's Foundation and other Clinton inside connection.  READ THE STORY

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman hands subpoena to FBI Director Herring for a full file on wanted emails. This will destroy the Justice Department that Obama engineered as the Congress wages are against them, AND it will bring to light the DNC and Hillary tricks for sure. The DNC needs to distance themselves from Hillary if they want to win the coming election. Another reason for the DNC to snuff Hillary. SEE THE VIDEO