Wednesday, September 7, 2016


This is, I admit, a long reach, but I see a possible game changer coming soon.

Hillary is coughing more and longer. She is upping her meds, and that means more side effects.

AND, Mr. Asange is about to drop another bomb which he predicts could make serious trouble for "one of the candidates."

Speculation: The bomb from Asange will show clear evidence that either Hillary herself, or President Obama, called for the snuffing of Chris Stevens in Benghazi. Both of the creeps may be absolutely implicated in murder.

This would make Hillary into a murderer, and it would be clear that all hell would break loose in the Justice Department. Obama could be fast track impeached, and Hillary could be indicted the day before the elections.

Thus, Hillary may soon announce that her health issues are too troubling to continue the run for the Presidency, cough, cough. 

This would allow Uncle Joe Biden to step up and play the knight in slightly tarnished but acceptable armor. Democrat armor does not shine.

How would this prevent Hillary from a murder one charge?

Hillary is a master at cutting deals, and she would have to make some arrangements behind the scenes with the power elite to have herself exonerated. If Trump can be bought, Hillary could cut a deal for a pardon with him and hand him the election. Trump has told us that the Clintons, "are some of my best friends" from past years. It might work.

Will Hillary be able to slip past the law this time? 

It has worked with her previous twenty plus murders. Then again, there is a limit to the tolerance of our political fools who keep giving her a pass. As in the graphic above, when Athaliah clung to the doors of the temple, hoping to be spared from execution, the trick did not impress the people who killed her.

Someone should be composing a country western song about the hanging of Hillary. "She rode out of the East on a hot dry day, With Benghazi blood on her hands......." Go for it, groupies.

Could Joe Biden beat Donald Trump?

With the help of Democrat criminal hackers, anything is possible. We are now a Third World nation where power is bought, stolen, and traded. And, every jackleg in Washington DC has a blackmail list on everyone else.


Jackleg- A hydraulic jack used to hold up the roof in mines when a large section of the roof in the mine appears to be ready to fall on the miners. Everyone in Washington DC is holding up the roof to keep the truth from cutting loose and falling on them.


Speculation is great fun, but only if the speculator admits to what he is doing. Thus, I have not tried to hide that from you. And, if I am elected, I promise that all speculation during my Presidency will be announced 24 hours before it happens.