Saturday, September 17, 2016


The video says it all. No comment needed.

When my ancestor, Jacobus Jansen, came to New Amsterdam (later known as New York) in 1695 he paid his own ticket. 

When he arrived, the Dutch governor, Peiter Stuyvesant looked Jacobus up and down, determined that he was healthy and not in debt, and they gave him land in what is now upstate New York. They told him he would have to prove he knew what to do with that land or lose it.

If the Dutch Governor had not liked what he saw in Jacobus, he would have sent him right back to the Netherlands.

Well, things change as time passes, and the British absconded with New Amsterdam and renamed it New York. Jacobus Jansen noticed that the Dutch farmers were a bit unruly, so he wrote a letter to the new British Governor offering to be his boss man in the Dutch community. Jacobus had quite a reputation for settling nasty matters.

Well, the British Governor was not amused with the offer of Jacobus, so he threw him in jail for several weeks and told him to mind his own business. Jacobus did just that, and he prospered, and he is the father of a large Dutch family in the USA today.

You see, you come legally, pay your own way, make sure you are not a cripple or a dim bulb, and you get to stay. There is no rationale nor moral reason to accept people from far away who will start the rest of their life on welfare and griping that they don't get enough freebies. 

And, when they pull down the American flag, burn it, and hoist the flag of Mexico or Upper Slavobia, they get turkey walked back where the ungrateful wretches came from.  

Trump gets it.

Liberals do not get it.

That is why Trump is pulling Americans away from other parties to his plan.

Deal with it.


Eat your heart out, Obama. Like you, I grew up in Kenya, but I was born in Los Angeles. Where were YOU born?