Sunday, September 11, 2016


Hillary Clinton, inflamed with ego mania and hubris to own the Oval Office, is driving herself to keep the campaign going to her own destruction. And, you Democrats are helping her kill herself.

That is my take on this.

Watch the video, and compare the extreme severity of the situation with the benign commentary by CNN. These media scum are down-playing the seriousness of this, and in thus doing, the media must be held accountable for helping Hillary commit suicide.


Now a water bottle in sight, her coat is not removed, and chokere blouse not loosened. But, they claim it was the heat that go to her.  LIE 

Twitter comment: "Most telling part is flawless calm choreography of her staff and detail. They do this often." They are clearly trained to form a camera shield for any issues Hillary has. This is historically done for leaders who are on the verge of dying.
Hillary should have been in a wheel chair or on a stretcher. By cooperating with her demands to keep her moving like a zombie, her handlers are killing her. She clearly fell as she was entering the SUV, and her dragging foot indicates she had completely passed out. This means the meds are no longer working. The grim reaper is catching up with Hillary.

What is very clear from this episode, adding it to other videos of her mental and physical lapses, is that Hillary Clinton has no business driving the juggernaut on down the road. The blasted thing is going to run over her and crush her.

Here is an old video of a juggernaut in India. It is a monstrous temple on wheels used in Indian worship. As it rolls along, fanatic worshipers will throw themselves under the wheels and be crushed. Think about the fanatical rush to power of Hillary, and think of YOU not doing anything to stop her.

Furthermore, this is NOT what a possible President should look like before even getting near the Oval Office. The American people deserve better. I am a Republican, but if I were a Democrat I would be screaming mad. The Dems have Bernie and Joe Biden, and BOTH have prospects of winning against Trump. 

Americans need their Democracy back. America needs to be able to vote between two healthy people. 

Frankly, I suspect that Obama and the Democratic leaders are counting on Hillary to collapse or die soon so that Obama can claim the elections need to be postponed of cancelled, thus giving Obama the third term he so often jokes about. 

You Progressive Liberals are cheering for Hillary, and in doing so, you are murdering her. If you would start roaring for Bernie or Biden, Hillary might live to retire. As it is, you could very well have her blood on your hands.


I make notice of the Washington Post. They have been mocking and raging at Conservative media for their concern over Hillary's health. Well, the hypocrites had plenty to work with, but only as she is in total collapse do they finally come clean on the story. This is the way with the scum Liberal media.

FoxNews on the event.

This is pathetic. And, the lady is asking me to vote for her? This is not John Kennedy's bad back, or Franklin D. Roosevelt's polio. This is a person in serious degenerative collapse. In the short time of the campaign, we have all seen the progression of Hillary's condition. 

Are we all supposed to roll over and pee on ourselves and cheer for a dying cadaver? Will the Dems soon need a taxidermist? Will the Dems prop her up in the corner of the Oval Office and ask Bill to run the nation? He would love that.

The real "DEPLORABLES" are all of you people helping Hillary Clinton kill herself. You are so obsessed with winning the coming election that you have put Hillary in the same class as your babies you abort......... death is an option. You are deplorable murderers. You are euthing Hillary.


Is it possible that God is judging Hillary's case because the US Justice Department refuses to? All the dead bodies, including that of Chris Stevens? Perhaps God is giving the Democrats strong delusion so that they believe that Hillary will end up leading the nation. Instead, she will soon end up in a nursing home, sitting in the garden area, drooling on herself and staring mindlessly into the distance? "What difference does it make anyway?"

Perhaps we Bible believers should, with great fear for ourselves, praise God for prosecuting this criminal his way.

Isaiah 59:14 And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.
15 Yea, truth faileth; and he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey: and the LORD saw it, and it displeased him that there was no judgment.

Romans 12:19 Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

Hillary has been the darling of the Stock Market because she has sold her soul to the money kings of the USA. So, watch for a serious dip, maybe worse, Monday morning, Sept. 12. Her collapse physically on the 11th could become symbolic to the stock jocks who panic when the President has the hiccoughs.

Hillary was put on antibiotics for pneumonia Friday. Perhaps the real issue is lung cancer. Dr. on Twitter says, "Maybe so, but they are not telling you the pneumonia caused by aspiration caused by neuro dz"

Is Kaine getting ready to oust Hillary. Perhaps he knows what is in the next Wikileaks bomb.

There are three conspiracy theories that have been given some traction because of this 9/11 Hillary event.

THE FIRST CONSPIRACY THEORY is that Hillary, an old friend of Donald Trump, has been campaigning all along with a view to diving out just before the election. This would be to give Trump the Presidency, and he would protect her from prosecution and shield her foundation. This seems beyond possibility, given Hillary's lust to take power. But, if this is not the plan, then the flow of events with Hillary have sure made it look like it is true.

THE SECOND CONSPIRACY THEORY is that Hillary has a double who is filling in for her. This theory states that Hillary is a lot more unhealthy than we imagine, so she will keep the double on hand to do the public activities of the Presidency. Hillary will be kept in a jar by the door. This one seems too dangerous.
With all the sleuths watching, I cannot see this working. But, I have seen photos of Hillary which did not look like her. Nevertheless, not likely. What do you think?

THE THIRD CONSPIRACY THEORY is that Hillary was put up to crash physically at just the right time so that the Democrats cannot field a candidate and pre-election voting has already started. This would give Obama the rationale to cancel elections and remain in office. There will be chaos if this happens, and the soft headed media and all Liberals would love this one. I cannot see this happening because it would result in civil war, either with guns, or in state legislatures. It could very well result in some states seceding. The extreme view in this theory is that Obama WANTS civil war in order to destroy America as we know it and create vacancies for Islam to fill.

Conspiracy theories are tantalizing indeed, but they have about a 95% fail rate. I say this realizing I am writing on the day that George W Bush and his friends did a demolition on the World Trade Center long ago. However, I have seen many conspiracies come and go in my 70+ years, and they all went south with extremely rare exceptions.

The chances that Obama could declare the elections cancelled would also have to go to the Supreme Court, at least once the Texas Attorney General sues, and the Supremes would not approve of Obama's trick. To do so would be de facto turning America into a dictatorship. The nation would go totally adrift in a sea of tricks and stealth. The economy would crash, the dollar would be abandoned worldwide, and our diplomatic relations with the world would be totally destroyed. Our Big Bully status would become a joke overnight.

Finally, you need to beware of giving alleged conspirators credit for being bright enough to pull off these tricks. We now have a whole club of elite on top who are drug addicts, alcoholics, and pedophiles. Many of them simply are not clever enough to pull off a really complicated conspiracy. This also works in our favor since they are also not clever enough to do anything really deadly except by accident. Witness the 2000 page Obamacare bill. No one read that thing well enough to realize that the states could opt out of it and destroy the thing, which is exactly what happened.

Proverbs 29:6 In the transgression of an evil man there is a snare: but the righteous doth sing and rejoice.

It is startling how often evil intentions come back around to bite the perpetrators. Let us trust the precepts of the Word of God more, and let us leave dark predictions to others. 

As to the criminal Hillary, I believe God is allowing her to be caught in her own snares.