Saturday, September 17, 2016


This article discusses the strange aspects and the successes of President Duterte of the Philippines. The man is a bit wild to say the least. He called President Obama a son of a bitch for one thing. But then, Obama was demanding the Duterte unite with the USA and other Asian nations to attack China on the South China Sea issue. 

Dutarte has recently cut a deal with China, but you will be amazed what the deal is. Duterte is being accused in the US media of being the lackey boy of China. In reality, Duterte convinced China that they are responsible for the Philippines drug problem as to sourcing. So, China agreed to build and pay for a massive drug rehabilitation center on a military base in the Philippines. Who in the White Race Western World do you imagine could convince China to agree to being guilty for anything?

Also, you will read that, yes indeed, Duterte kills drug lords and dealers without trial, and some are shot down in the streets. Some are killed by private citizens. But, surprise surprise, the dealers are fading away. The reason he does not take drug dealers to court is that the judges are dealing. Duterte is very cleverly isolating the Philippine senators and judges who are in on the drug trafficking. This will eventually lead to warrants I suspect. 

You will realize that this rather restrained man is a tiger, but he is fiercely patriotic, and he is determined to cut the leash to the USA. Is that all bad? What right does the USA have to keep a grip on life in the Philippines?


This is the sort of news that the mainline media simply will not cover. After all, who at the New York Times wants to blow the cover on a Liberal Democrat son of a bitch?

Also, can you imagine the public reaction if the media reported that Duterte offered amnesty to drug users if they gave themselves up. How about the 700,000 who did just that? If this happened in the USA, thousands of politicians and bureaucrats would take a big cut in under the counter payoffs by drug lords. We must not have that sort of thing getting traction in the minds of Americans, right?

I need to remind you readers that long ago in the Southwestern states, outlaws were so vicious and intimidating that judges and juries would find the most evil killers innocent because they feared reprisals. So, home spun posses formed, ran down outlaws, and simply hung them from the nearest live oak tree.

The Philippines is in exactly the same situation, and Duterte has found a way to enforce law against the most evil men on earth. Mexico should take notice, as should Chicago. The problem in the USA is that, according to rumors we have heard all too often, US Presidents and the CIA have been deep into drug trafficking. We are without hope, but our Mack Daddy is hammering Duterte to let the drug lords have their way.