Friday, September 16, 2016


AIDS virus was a man-made virus laced into the last big administration of small pox vaccinations in Africa in the early 1970s. AIDS virus was also laced into Hepatitis B vaccines sent to San Francisco to vaccinate gays. I have my man on the ground, who was a gay, who did the research in SF. 

AIDS broke out simultaneously in five cites in Africa, the cities in which the small pox vaccine was released. That would be like five houses in your neighborhood catching fire at the same time. You might be fool enough to believe that, but the Fire Marshall would not believe it.

The vaccine was made by the USA at Fort Detrick, Maryland. This is old history now, and no one in official places will talk about it.

The mosquitoes that cause zika are now in Florida, and this could finally be the trick, by criminals working for the US Government, which destroys America. Soon, people will be doing what it takes to make sure they do not have babies, and the population could get to the point where it grows only by producing pin heads and the ghettos.

Here is how zika was released in the same way to kill off people in Brazil.

This man has dome some very good research. Do not be put off by his somewhat dull manner. Actually, it is refreshing to listen to him if you just listened to Alex Jones.