Monday, September 12, 2016



There are perfectly good reasons for a double for a leader. Security is often the most obvious if there is a possibility of assassination. I had a friend from Iraq who claimed that Saddam Hussein had four doubles.

But, in the history of world leaders and their doubles, illness of the leader, or insanity, are the most common reasons for the double.

There are real questions, exacerbated by photos of Hillary, which cause us to wonder if Hillary is already dead, and her double is taking over the campaign. The dark glasses on Sunday at the 9/11 event are very strange. It may be that if there is a double, her eyes are another color than Hillary's.

Here is a source in video format reviewing the issues.

The puffy rounder face of Hillary Two, along with being slimmer, are highly suspect.

The question is, was the real Hillary at the 9/11 event, and was she actually dying as she was being stuffed into the SUV?

Also, the Secret Service policy to head directly to the nearest ER was over ruled by Hillary's aids. They went directly to Chelsea's apartment. Why? If the real Hillary was dead, this would be done to keep the thing secret. Also, the NY Police Department were not in the motorcade. Hillary's handlers left before the Police arrived, and the Police had to explain why they were not included.

If Hillary is dead, and if they are hiding it, then something very evil is afoot. Someone is doing desperate acts. The rational thing is to announce at once that a public figure is dead, at least in a civilized nation observing protocols of sanity.

We may find out one day that there is indeed a conspiracy to take over the US Government by evil people, like George Soros for instance, and the mainline media may be in on it.

So, how can we tell if Hillary is dead and a scam is in progress?

Answer: Watch Bill Clinton.

Are the hugs for Hillary different? How does he behave when on the platform with her?

Does Bill fade into the background?

Does the new Hillary seem much more aggressive and healthy? Does the cough go away?

I sure hope this is not true. I get no delight in dealing with such a horror. But, I grew up and worked later in the Third World, and Obama, the Clintons, and the DNC have been behaving like African dictators on the prowl.


UPDATE: 9/13/2016

WABC TV New York Hillary Clintons DEATH
This is muffled, but you can hear the man mention Hillary's death. 

This includes a phone call by InfoWars to ABC.
So, Hillary was taken to a hospital, but the Secret Service were over ruled as to which hospital. The NY Police Department were called, but Hillary's motorcade left before the Police arrived to escort her. After a serious crisis like this, she is allegedly seen coming out of Chelsea's hotel later in very good health. I cover her double question in previous blog posts.

How could ABC make such a blunder? I do not believe ABC was wrong. They were told by some insider that Hillary was dead. They thought they had a great scoop and posted it. Being instinctively cautious, I assume they got a second confirmation. They later pulled the item.

So, if Hillary is dead, and if they knew it was coming, then this explains the rather casual way the aides acted in the 9/11 incident Sunday. The thug doctor "Secret Service" Black man was driving her along mercilessly, and this is pay day.

You can review the 9/11 Sunday event

So, what next?

Monday the Hillary story line was that she had pneumonia. Today, Tuesday the 13th, we can expect some statement that Hillary has relapsed. There is a limit to how long Hillary can lay in the morgue and the truth not get out. The double lady can keep playing her game, but she is not Hillary, and she cannot do a perfect act. Furthermore, she cannot wear dark glasses everywhere in order to hide the color of her eyes. And, finally, the double has very slim hips, while the real Hillary was extremely hippish, as are most women her age.

So, there will be statements from Hillary's doctor, day by day, indicating that her health is failing. This gives the DNC several days to fight over who to put up to follow Hillary..... Joe Biden, Kaine, or Bernie Sanders.

The reason Hillary died is because her lust for power caused her to choose buffoons for a doctor and nurses. She needs doctors and nursing help who will lie at all costs and who are obscure so that she can kill them if they talk.

The reason I am giving this serious consideration is that ABC does NOT blunder in this way. They got a lead from someone and posted it. ABC has been doing everything possible to cover up Hillary's health troubles, as have all the mainline media. So, I have to believe they were onto something very real and then pulled back to protect the deception that Hillary was OK.

It is a commentary on the totally degraded slop hog mess America has become that the present election process is being bastardized into a soap opera by rank criminals in the shadows. Democrats in particular, have no shame. They are rabid beasts, and they must never come to power again.

Psalms 140:11 Let not an evil speaker be established in the earth: evil shall hunt the violent man to overthrow him.

We have to also consider the possibility that Hillary was assassinated by someone wanting her out of the way so that another candidate could be inserted into the chaos soon enough for a win.