Saturday, September 17, 2016


First, watch this video telling how Obama and his thugs at Acorn orchestrated the destruction of Hillary when she ran in the past primary against him. Obama even threatened to kill Chelsea, the Clinton's daughter.

So, could Barak Obama be trying to destroy Hillary so that he can again orchestrate the exaltation of Michelle to be the candidate? Does Obama have agents inside Hillary's system who are helping her kill herself? Is Huma an Obama shill?

The question arises, How could Obama threaten to kill Chelsea in the past, and now he and Michelle are campaigning for Hillary?

The answer is this-- Obama needs to appear to be the friend of Hillary and Bill now so that after he snuffs her Americans will see Obama as innocent. And Michelle campaigning for Hillary puts Michelle in the lime light for the DNC to move in behind Hillary in the election. Michelle is a total loser as to her back history, so cheering for Hillary gleans legitimacy off of Hillary onto Michelle.

The DNC may or may not cave in to Obama. That is a lot of people to threaten to kill. So, the war to elevate Michelle will be orchestrated by feminazis on the DNC and Obama playing the race card against DNC members. Thee is even an outside chance that Obama will push too far and get himself snuffed by someone who actually wants to keep America free. I know, that is a very bizarre thought considering we are talking about Democrats.

By the way, have you noticed how Chelsea has been very much absent in this campaign. She has had very little to say. I have to wonder if Obama threatened her also. The youthful image of Chelsea cheering on the platform for Hillary could tip the balance to Trump.

I also have to assume that if Obama would threaten to kill Chelsea, he would kill Donald Trump. The Donald needs to fire the Secret Service and use only his own security. He also needs to hire his own Black Ops to counter Obama's Black Ops.

Think about poor old uncle Joe "Slow" Biden. He has stayed alive for eight years under Obama. If the DNC made him the candidate, Obama would kill him at once and play his trick. Joe has to be a bit nervous, and I would not be surprised to see him decline the DNC simply to stay alive.

And, Bernie would have the same fate. If Obama would kill Chelsea, I KNOW he wants to stay on as Fearless Leader. So, Bernie would have a heart attack at once.

Could it be that Obama wants to trash the whole electoral process just before election day so that he can declare the Executive Powers Act and become dictator for life?

I keep telling you President Obama loves the image of himself as an African dictator in the model of Idi Amin and Mugabe. Obama will kill anyone in the way, and he will take total control. That is, if God does not stop him in some way.

You and I have been in a panic over what evil Hillary could do to America. Consider please what Obama could do if he came out to a press conference in a Field Marshall's Military uniform and told America that we are now under Martial Law and there is no chance this will ever change.

And, Obama will end that press conference by screaming, "Allah u Akbar."